DBD 26.4.10 Cyber-Road Trip Part I, the preparations

Over the summer, I'm going to be bored, yet unable to take advantage of this downtime to participate in new and exciting activities, as I will pretty much have zero money by June 6th.  Therefore, I was thinking of putting together a cyber-road trip, where I meander through SBNation asking a series of questions in a non-troll manner.  The questions will range from football, to their part of the country, to their school's history, to the inane.  I was hoping to stop by at least one school in each conference.


My question to the CGB network, anyone have any requests?  Requests for specific questions, requests for specific schools, requests for NSFW pics, whatever, any requests, and I shall try to accomodate.  I am hoping to keep the total fanpost to between 7-12 questions to receive a better response.  I'm also only going to post only on active blogs, as I do want some interaction.  About 15 minutes into the project, I have collected these questions:


In one sentence or less, what is the single most important factor determining success in college football (coaching, recruiting, facilities, local support, being a traditional power, juju)?

What is your most hated rule in college football?


You get to play athletic director, choose three out of conference teams to play in a home & home, who do you choose?


You get to create your own bowl game, your conference's #1 plays which other conference's #1 and where (New York, Orlando, Jamaica, Egypt, anywhere)?


What is the third sport at your school?

..I have a theory most schools have three popular sports. Football and basketball are the most popular by a margin, followed by a third less obvious sport somewhat unique to your school. At some schools it may be baseball, others may follow hockey, some follow Lacrosse, what is yours?



What anonymous sport is your school dominant in?

.. I have another theory that every school is good in at least one sport, what is yours?  Cal's random sport of dominance is rugby. Since, collegiate rugby began hosting a national championship tournament 30 years ago, Cal Rugby has won the national championship 24 times.


What academic program is your school best known for?

..I also believe that every school has at least academic program that competes at a national level or leads nationally, what program is yours?


I'm leaning towards the great american road trip for my next American trip, if so, what city/sight/national park/ attraction should I plan that leg of the trip around while in your section of the country (by your section, I mean anywhere within about a 12 hour drive of your city)?

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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