DBD 3.31.10 Favorite Commenters

Again, from the survey from a few weeks ago. Your least favorite commenters appear to be...

TwistNHook's dog.
Hydrotech's fake moustache.
Avinash's hat.
The future Mrs. TwistNHook (????)


Your favorite commenters appear to be...

TwistNHook.  Doesn't take himself too seriously. 
If you mean writing the over-arching DBD, then probably Avinash - the right balance of serious content and enough to get people going. If you mean commenter in the threads, probably CalBear81 for the combination of erudition and biting wit. And age.
Other than Rishi, because he's awesome, I'll go with danzig when he posts, because he's danzig
CalBear81 & DC Trojan & Ohio Bear & CALumbus Bear. Wit.
since 1997.  I complete her.

Seriously, there are so many good ones who offer a lot of different opinions, thoughts, areas of expertise and interest.

Decline to state

Whoever is funniest that day.


But really, I like most of the interactions for the most part.

Thoroughbred because he is by far the most reasonable poster on the site.

danzig, although he's dropped off the radar in the past few months

twistnhook, because he is consistently entertaining

calbear81, because she is witty and intelligent

spazzy mcgee, for his "your california" series and general entertainment value
Do not have a favorite
I like contributions from most of the bloggers (Avi, Twist, Hydro, Berkelium, carp, yellow fever, rags (absent of late)) and most of the posters - thank you for banning wehaddeseanfirst - incredibly irritating

even enjoy the ATQ guys (and Harsha) - seem to bring classy/funny comments when they show up

Its been kinda fun to watch the tone of discussions be changed as the women post more frequently of late

Rollonubears.  Ever since he seemingly grew ten years in 6 months, after moving to Bakersfield he's been hilarious.   

Just kidding.

DC Trojan - Yea he's a Trojan but he's a nice *old* guy and I actually read his posts throughly
Twist - Gotta say he's funny
Ohio Bear/CALumbusBear - give the Ohioans credit for good posts
paleodan, his avatar is the closest thing to stegosaurus on the blog
Rishi. He's hilarious and while I often disagree with him, I find myself interested in the conversations he has with people.

TwistNHook.  Because he is a genius.
Twist: he is dreamy and is good at keeping the chatter going.

Honorable mentions to Avi, GoldBlooded, Rags, and Hydro.
Ohio Bear/CALumbus Bear. They are funny, smart, they play off each other, they are never nasty or snarky, they are helpful, and I just think they're cool. They add a lot to the conversation without every really sniping at anybody.

But I like lots of people: since1997, LeonPowe, Twist, Rags, 33SS (I like that he has different opinions, and he holds them firmly, but he's not a dick [I realize some people think he is]), NorcalNick... I could go on, but you get the idea.
Pretty much everyone.
I would have to say Twist (I know I'm deeply shamed as I type this.)  His DBD personality has no self respect and he is a former band geek (although by that standard most posters would be my favorite but still.)

That's a tough one! CALumbus Bear is frequently hilarious, and DC Trojan is a good guy who can talk about anything, and be clever. It's also really hard not to have a soft spot for TwistNHook, in all his massively self-deprecating glory and creepy knowledge of Indian stuff. I dunno, I can't name a single favorite. There are several other quality posters as well, like carp and CalBear81, Leon Powe, HolmoePhobe, Ohio Bear, and Avinash, and others I know I must be leaving out. Spazzy McGee, even though I disagree with him on a lot of things, is fun. Even Rishi and royrules22 aren't bad to have around.
OK I lied. Probably Rishi for the lulz.
Twist.  Without his involvement this site would be a shell of what it is.  How the eff does he do it every day???  While I would hate to be his employer or his client, I appreciate being a CGB reader.  Dance for my amusement, Monkey Twist, dance!!  Calbear81 gets honorable mention.  DCTrojan may have gotten some love here, but on a 100 point scale there's a 99 point deduction for being from U$C.
pretty much everyone.

Can't single out just one.  The DBD is fun to read because of the community.  If you isolated it to just one voice, it would be boring.

I suppose the ones who stand out most to me in terms of having an online personality are:

Twist (duh)
The Ohio Wonder Twins

Rags, Norcal, Hydro, and Berkelium do great work on their posts...Just don't seem them in the DBD often. 
Not sure

ohio bear
paul thomas
missing barry

they say smart things and/or are really good natured fun commenters.  i may be missing some others.
TwistNHook, because it's TwistNHook.
carp, pre-baby.
I'm gonna have to go with DC Trojan.  The person I find funniest, and never gets out of line.  (He's probably more mature.)
I appreciate a number of DBD posters. Twist, Rishi, Hydro, basically all the mods always have good stuff to say. I love danzig, zoonews, royrules.. Also, anytime one of the female CBG'ers posts, it's good stuff.
Twist, because we can make fun of him
Spazzy. Except when he gets serious and stops making jokes. Make jokes please, not legitimate political discussion.

I kinda like everyone. That's like asking, which is your favorite scale on a fish. It's one big organism.
I really liked the Imperial County photo essay, but other than that, I haven't paid enough attention to figure out who is my most favorite.
Frankly I don't pay attention to who wrote stuff. Sorry.
I am reading for info.

You all love each other! Awwww.

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