DBD 3.3.10 Crappy Sequels to Movies with Great Characters

Recently I began to think..... to most this is a bad idea, and I should probably stop writing this dbd.  But, I began to think about movies nonetheless, specficially movies with characters I grew to love, but due to plotline have no outlet for a sequel.  Creating a sequel with these characters would utterly destroy the original film, yet I find myself longing to know what would have happened to them.  I guess, I don't necessarily want another movie, rather a 30 minute 'where are they now' segment about these fictional people I've taken an interest in.


Example One:  Scent of a Woman



At first, I hated Charlie (the shy and quiet buzzkill) and Lt. Colonel Frank Slade (a dick), but as the movie progressed their character arcs did too, and I became more and more enamored with each.  At the end of the movie, I loved both characters.

I know a sequel to Scent of a Woman is a terrible idea.  I can't imagine what a sequel would look like, or know if I can bear Al Pacino saying hoo-ha every two minutes again, but I'm really really curious as to where each would be 20 years later.  Did Charlie get into Harvard?  What career did he choose, did he take tango lessons, does he have a smoking hot wife?  I want to know!  More curiously, what happened to Frank Slade.  Did he end up with that teacher?  Did he go into AA?  Did he start working again, what happened to him?  I want answers!

Example Two:  Dazed and Confused 


Yes, its a teen movie, but it was one of the best teen movies of the 90's, a movie that hit home videos at the time I started high school (hence an irrational emotional connection).  Contrary to Scent of a Woman, I fell for most of the characters in Dazed and Confused right away, and the idea of the movie is that all teenagers resonate with at least one of the character groups.  I'd like to see where these characters went with their lives.  Again, I'd love to see a 30 minute special on where Randall Pink Floyd is, or if Wooderson has been locked up for being a pervert, or if O'Bannion is still a complete deusch, and basically what happened to everyone.

Example Three:  The Beach


Yes, I read the book (which like usual was better) and therefore have some insights into where each character ended, but the movie took several turns for the different.  They combined some characters, modified others, and generated a different narrative.  I understand why the movie makers did this, but I feel it created completely different characters.  I also recognize the point of following Richard from where he lands in 'the unknown' to when he leaves, because he is essentially exploring the unknown parts of himself.  Exploring himself within a tabula rasa, no mother to remind him of who he was, or what he did.  No job etching itself on to his character.  A tabula rasa, for Richard to explore.  Without spoiling too much, I want to see how he readapts to life within society again.  Does he completely forget his life on the beach, does it give him nightmares, how does it influence him as a person and how does he cope with the experience.  Again, a sequel to the movie is a terrible idea, The Beach Two, Life in Suburbia doesn't have the same mystique, but I still want to know what happens to the characters.

What movie characters do you want to most find out about?  Conversely, which movies would simply make for truly terrible sequels?

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