DBD 3.22.10 This is why we can't have nice things

I'm putting this up tonight, because the message is important and I don't want to draft it up quickly in the morning or risk that somebody else gets a DBD up.  For well over a year now, I've tried to get others to write the DBD for me with varying levels of success.  But from time to time, I need to make an announcement and this is one of those times.

This message is simple.  In general, no more political discussion on CGB.  There are a few caveats to that and I will explain in more detail the thought process that is going into this, but allow me to be clear:  No more political discussion on CGB.

Since the inception of CGB and also the Daily Bear Dump (which is the daily post for Cal-related news and open discussion), we have tried to be as open as possible about moderation.  Of course, we can't allow racism and homophobia.  Of course, we can't allow Not Safe For Work photos.  Compared to the vast majority of the sites out there, we're really good at treating readers like adults.  Pretty much any and all of the rules we've had to create were from experiences that caused our readers to express pretty serious concerns.

For example, one of our readers used to post NSFW photos of scantily clad women with regularity.  We heard from our readers that they were concerned about getting in trouble at work.  We heard from female readers that it was creating an atmosphere that was not welcoming for them.  So, after extensive discussion, we crafted a rule that tried to allay the concerns of all.

With politics, the situation has been somewhat different.  We've tolerated it for a long period of time, even though it has had its fair share of flare ups and created, at times, an atmosphere that was not welcoming for them.  Certainly, people are passionate about their politics and it can lead to flame wars and slap fights.  Some of the mods here at CGB have a very hands off attitude and wanted to just let it go.  Some of the mods here have very different views and wanted to hide posts or even warn/ban people who continually entered into these flame wars. 

We heard from many readers that they just plain didn't care for the political discussion.  This has been a common complaint for well over a year now.  Recently, we again heard our readers express deep concerns.  We heard privately from some and then there was a recent public discussion regarding political discussion.  Some argued that it should be banned altogether.  Others said that it was not bad, per se, but agreed that more often than not it led to inane slap fights or brutal flame wars.

For the second group, we have tried to guide a middle path where we allowed political discussions up until it went haywire.  Then, a mod stepped in to privately and publicly counsel the combatants to stop with varying levels of success.  Ragnarok and Avinash sometimes helped do this.  Invariably, however, it fell to me to control the situation.  This was a stressful and emotionally trying process generally.    It really decreased the amount of fun I was having with this site.  In most situations, the combatants seemed to respect me enough to stop.  Recent events have shown me that whatever respect I had previously was apparently no longer there. 

Fair enough.  I'm personally fine with people disrespecting me, I'm a big boy, I can handle that.  However, I fear that this will inhibit my ability to moderate the matter informally in the future.  Combining that with my general unwillingness to just fucking deal with the bullshit anymore, it is clear that formal moderation is required.

Now, I did mention that there will be caveats.  I think the best way to approach this is by looking at the relevance to Berkeley.  We're all here because of our love for Cal (save for our token Bruin, Ducks, and Trojan).  So, the more relevant to the campus of Berkeley, the more likely it will be allowed:

1.  National politics are, for the most part, out.  Unless it is discussing how awesome Christina Romer is!  She's so dreamy.  National politics rarely, if ever, relate to Berkeley.  We live in our little bubble.

2.  California state politics are allowed only if they relate solely to Berkeley.  For example, one discussion that we might allow depending on how things are going is a discussion of cuts to the public college system and how that will affect Berkeley.  As long as people can behave themselves. 

3.  Berkeley city politics are generally allowed as they generally relate to the campus and nobody really cares enough about the minutiae of local politics unless it relates to Cal.

We do not want to, but will hide or delete posts if need be.  We definitely do not want to, but will warn people if need be.  We DEFINITELY do not want to, but will ban people for varying lengths if need be.  Anybody who reads this site knows that we do not want to do this, but some here have forced our hands.

We reserve all rights to change this if so needed.  That would mostly be situations where you couldn't even control yourself under these basic standards and we have to restrict it even further.  You can hold your breath and stomp your feet over this, but the fact of the matter is we've given you more lenience than pretty much any other sports blog out there.  We've given you more than enough rope to hang yourself with.  It's done.

Thank you for you understanding of this matter.

Women's BBall hosts Utah on Tuesday:

The California Golden Bears women's basketball team will host the Utah Utes on Tuesday, March 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the second round of the postseason Women's National Invitation Tournament. Cal defeated UC Davis last Wednesday in overtime to advance to the second round. The Utah Utes (22-11, 10-6 MWC) defeated Saint Mary's, 66-53, in Moraga on Sunday to advance to the second round matchup with the Bears.

The Bears (19-13, 11-7 Pac-10) earned an at-large bid to the Women's National Invitation Tournament (WNIT). The 64-team field for the WNIT consists of 31 automatic berths - one from each established conference - and 33 at-large teams. The intention of the WNIT Selection Committee is to select the 33 best available at-large teams in the nation, regardless of conference or geographical location. All games in the single-elimination format are played at the main or alternate facilities of participating schools.

The game will not be televised. However, live streaming audio of the game will be available on

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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