Wunderkind QB to Become the Next Prince of $C



Just couldn't pass this up when I saw it on ESPN--

Thursday evening Kiffin received a verbal commitment from 13-year old wunderkind quarterback David Sills of Bear, Del.

It gets even better, and more disgusting below.


A 13-year-old child in Delaware is already aspiring to be a $C QB under Lane Kiffin's program.  Granted, David "wants" to be a QB for USC, but why his parents allowed him to subsequently committ to Lane Kiffin - who could very well be living incognito in South America or lost in a Burmese opium den by 2015 - is beyond me.  With the throes of young adulthood ahead for the young Peyton Manning II of USC - and the crucial step before stardom that is high school football in Delaware - his parents are lock-step behind him and may need to administer a few flat tires to keep the kid walking forward.

A couple of hours later, the Sills family called Kiffin and they spoke for the first time. USC had always been Sills' dream school, according to his father, David Sills IV.

"I'm as shocked as anybody," Sills' father said. "I was just talking with friends yesterday about what it'll be like four years from now when David goes through the recruiting process. I never expected this to happen so soon.

"But David's always wanted to go to USC. I mean, is there a better place to play football in the country? How can you pass up the best offer you're ever going to get?"

The 7th grader is being peddled by Steve Clarkson, who has the prodigy flown every few weeks to him at his camps and training events in California.  Clarkson's opinion:

And when I said if there was going to be a LeBron James of football it'd be Jimmy Clausen that turned out to be a pretty good prediction.

"Well, I've got a kid now who is better than all of them and he's in Delaware. You gotta take a look at him."

I don't know much about Jimmy Clausen (I see nice stats...), but it sounds like a sound analogy to me!  And an excellent indication of Clarkson's abilities of assessment.

I had to put this video on mute before the teeth grinding got too bad.  I don't know if this stuff is normal in Delaware, or in SoCal, but I am seriously disturbed.  Apparently Mr. Clarkson has a business of turning man-childs into NFL Prospects.  If someone can please tell me what this video or its logo reminds me of, it would really help me cope after having watched it.  EVEN BETTER, this video is entitled "David Sills - The Next Tiger Woods" (Mr. Clarkson, please hire me onto your PR/Business Development team ASAP).

If $C is going to be turned into the beauty pagent of football, with parents coddling over their popping cans of confused adolescent emotions, then I say what better time than under Lane Kiffin, who seems like he could have a second life as an MC for child beauty pagents.  And maybe, just maybe, there will be a Chris Martin-type at Cal successfully recruited for the chance to bury the abomination into the turf.  Has anyone else read the Dunwich Horror? (I mean this kid is 6 feet already, will the growing stop?)


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