Depth Charts on Defense - now with stats!


We're all giddy over yesterday, right? We got some stud recruits and even Tedford and Gregory say most all these freshman have the potential to play right away. In fact, listening to Gregory, it sounded almost as if he was throwing some of his current players under the bus, indicating they simply may not have the physical gifts necessary to do what the defensive scheme requires.

So, what kind of team are we looking at next year? I went onto, grabbed the current roster (where Seniors like Alualu and Sydquan have already been removed), and added in the recruits, just to see where we are at on positions.

Take a look at the Defensive positions after the jump, and then I'll leave it to you all to debate the proper depth and specific positions for an 11-man 3-4 squad (3 Linemen, 4 Backers, 2 Cornerbacks, 1 Strong Safety, 1 Free Safety).

Leading Defensive Players Lost to Graduation:

Tyson Alualu, Devin Bishop, Eddie Young, Brett Johnson, Syd'Quan Thompson, Marcus Ezeff.

* Asterisk indicates projected starter.


Pos  Yr          Name                    Letters    GP-GS Solo-Asst-Tot        HT    WGT

LINEBACKERS - While many thought our D would be great in 2009, it wasn't. Now it will simply be interesting to see if any of the stud LB recruits will supplant the existing players. Spring won't answer - will have to wait until the Fall and into the season as players prove themselves week in and week out. Mohamed is a lock, however.

ILB    SR    *   Mike Mohamed              3V    13-13   69   43   112       6'3"    237
OLB  SR        Keith Browner                2V    13-1      2      3     5
LB    SR        Charles Johnson            2V    12-0      2      8    10
LB    SR        Jerome Meadows          1V     10-0     2      2      4
LB    SR        Jarred Price                   1V     12-0     5      1      6  (been playing all downs - not just 3rd
ILB    Jr.    *   D.J. Holt                        2V     13-8    20    17   37
LB    Jr.     *   Mychal Kendricks          2V    13-6     38   33    71       6'0"   230
LB    Jr.          Solomona Aigamaua     SQ    1-0      0       2      2
LB    Soph      J.P. Hurrell                    1V     13-0     4      6     10
OLB  Soph     Chris Little                    1V     11-0      7     3      10
LB    Soph      Robert Mullins              SQ   
LB    Soph      Nick Rosato                 SQ
LB    RS FR    Dan Camporeale         RS
LB    RS FR    Steven Fanua              RS
ILB    Frosh      Nick Forbes    (4-star recruit)
LB    Frosh      Chris McCain    (4-star recruit)
LB    Frosh      Cecil Whiteside    (4-star recruit)
LB    Frosh      David Wilkerson   (4-star recruit)

DE    Frosh      Gabe King    (4-star recruit)
OLB  Frosh  *   Chris Martin   (5-star recruit)


SECONDARY - Other than Cattouse, all spots appear wide open. Youngins are stepping up so we have depth, if not top flight quality.

DB    SR        Charles Amadi            3V     8-0      4    0     4
S       SR        Chris Conte                3V     13-1   19   6    25   SAFETY
CB    SR   *    Darian Hagan             3V    10-4    23   7    30    (must study and regain focus and intestity)
CB    SR   *    Bryant Nnabuife         2V     10-4   26   4    30
S      Jr.          D.J. Campbell           2V     12-0    9    5     14  (cattouse backup)
S       Jr.    *     Sean Cattouse          2V     13-6   28    9    37   SAFETY
S      Jr.          C.J. Moncrease        1V      12-0    5     1     6    SAFETY
DB    Soph     Marc Anthony            1V     
DB    Soph  *  Josh Hill                    1V       11-5   30   4    34
DB    Soph     Tyre Ellison               SQ

S      RS FR   Alex Logan               RS  (could be surprise upside)

CB    RS FR  Vachel Samuels RS (Tedford fired up about as CB in Spring)(rather play CB, but will take PT however)
CB    RS FR   Steve Williams         RS   (could be surprise upside)
DB    Frosh     Michael Coley    
DB    Frosh     Adrian Lee      


DOWN LINEMEN - We lost the recruiting wars for those who play "Front 3",  lost the mighty Tyson Alualu to graduation.

NT    SR         Derrick Hill (2)           3V      10-8      6   12   18
DE    SR    *    Cameron Jordan     3V      13-13  22   26   48
DE    SR         Michael Costanzo    2V     12-0     2     2      4
DL    Jr.          Ernest Owusu          2V     12-0     6     1      7
DE    Jr.     *   Trevor Guyton         2V      11-0     3    10    13
DL    Jr.           Ryan Davis            RS      
NT    Soph  *   Kendrick Payne     1V       12-2    8     5      13  (appears to be beating Derrick Hill for NT starter)
DL    Soph      Aaron Tipoti           1V       12-4    1     20    21
DL    RS FR    Austin Clark    RS
Outside RS FR   Deandre Coleman (2) RS (Tosh says he is 6'5", 312, very powerful, has NFL potential. Must study)
DL    RS FR    Keni Kaufusi    RS

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