DBD 2.11.10 Scott Fujita makes Cal proud and I promise not to hide *this* post!

Slowly, but surely Cal football players are starting to become more and more well known in America.  DeSean and Aaron Rodgers are the first to come to mind.

But Scott Fujita, excuse me, Superbowl Champion Scott Fujita is one such Cal player making the rest of us proud.  And it's not just football nuts like us who are taking notice of the well-rounded player.  Noted feminist blog Jezebel has been writing about him recently with 9 reasons to love Scott Fujita:


7) He left the Dallas Cowboys for the post-Katrina New Orleans Saints because, according to The Boston Globe, "he told himself, 'This could be bigger than football.''"

8) He often talks of drawing inspiration from the example set by his strong-willed Japanese-American grandmother, who was interned during World War II.

9) He has a political science degree from Berkeley and a master's in education. He has said he wants to be a public school teacher after retiring from football.



And they had what could be termed a fanshot from the Superbowl:



Scott Fujita, thank you for representing the best Cal has to offer.  And let's see, we majored in the same thing while at Cal at the same time.  I had a class with Kyle "Mr. Carrie Prejean" Boller, how come I never got a class with this guy?  Oy! 


Rugby B Team defeats Cal Maritime:

BERKELEY - The Golden Bears used an all-frosh-soph lineup Wednesday on Witter Rugby Field to defeat Cal Maritime, 39-3, and remain unbeaten, conceding only a penalty kick to the Keelhaulers. Sophomore Adam Anderson's hat trick highlighted seven tries by the Bears.

"We need to be stronger in the ruck and more aggressive to create faster play, but there were some good moments there," said Anderson, who could have been referring to his final scoring play in the 80th minute, when he leapt to catch a kick on its way out of bounds, tossed it back into play, retrieved his own save, snaked down the sideline and withstood a couple of knocks as he touched the ball down.

Said Keelhaulers head coach Edward Roberts, "We were trying a few new things and I think we caused Cal a few problems in the first half, but we were just overpowered and overrun in the end."

Cal Maritime remained committed through the final whistle, forcing the Bears to repel them close to their goal line several times. Senior captain Rufus Walker connected on a 39-meter penalty kick for the Keelhaulers to avert a shutout.

"It was an honor to get selected to take care of this team and this field today," said match-day captain Tyler Colin. "Team effort is something that we're known for, but hats off to Maritime. Their defensive effort was phenomenal," said the freshman flanker from Jesuit High School.

"We need to get into lineouts quicker and recognize the opposition's alignment as forwards," added Daniel Bird, whose first career start on Witter Rugby Field was greeted with supportive signs and cheers from fans. "But all the support, people yelling my name, it was great, really motivating."

California next travels to the Las Vegas Invitational, where on Friday, Feb. 12, the Bears will face Western Washington at 1 p.m. (Field 14) and San Diego State at 3 p.m. (Field 4), followed on Saturday, Feb. 13, by a match against Minnesota at 10 a.m. (Field 5).


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