DBD 12/17/10: Daal is lentils

CGB Chicken and Waffles night was a resounding success.  (HT to YWC/Atoms/sec119/Mr. F for making this happen.)  The Almighty Venn was well-represented.  There were no arrests.  No nudity.  Really - can we ask for more than that?  (*I refuse to admit whether anyone was wearing khakis with running shoes and a tucked-in shirt.)


Despite Twist's best efforts to offend the waitress and/or get us beaten in a back alley, we dined well on assorted soul food specialties.


Winner of the "Damn I wish I had ordered that" category was sec119.  He had one of their specials that involved a huge mound of fried chicken strips with a large side of potato salad.  As bonus points, he took advantage of their Happy Hour promotion to get this entire meal for less than $7.  Asians everywhere can rejoice...but no chest-bumping, please.  We're awkward enough.


[As an interesting sidebar...With a similar love of cooking, pro-bball career curtailed by injury, and an eerily familiar married w/ dog as a starter kid timeline, sec119 really is me...A younger, slimmer, more intelligent version of me not yet broken down by the ravages of time and demanding offspring.  Learn from my mistakes.  FLY FREE SEC119!  FLY FREE!]


The STFU Fatty Award goes to:  Tied between Me and Twist  (No, this title is not kinky nor disturbing in any way.  Whatsoever.  Let us never speak of this again.)

Twist ordered a slice of chocolate cake which was approximately the size of a small rodent aardvark.  He also spent much of the night shamelessly begging for leftovers from everyone else at the table.

I ordered an additional chicken thigh...But in my defense, the "thighs" they brought to me initially were the size of silver dollars.  Everyone else had normal (farmed with steroids and growth hormone) pieces while I get stuck with the Ally McBeal chicken.  WTH?!?


The Indian Standard Time Is Not A Myth Award goes to Atoms for showing up an hour late.  He was sporting a wickedly dashing WORLD CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS goatee as a tribute to Brian Wilson, so all was forgiven.  I can neither confirm nor deny any NHG action.


The Cool Story Hansel/Yes, This Is Definitely CGB Moment of the Night:

Twist was explaining to Mr. F that Indian food is very similar to Ethiopian food in that you often use a flatbread as your utensil.  "Whereas many people see Indian food as Chicken Tikka Marsala, you usually just use your bread to pick up your rice, daal, lentils, whatever."  YWC (actual Indian sighting!!!) politely pointed out that "Daal is lentils."

And then a discussion broke out whether it should be "Daal is lentils" or "Daal are lentils."  No one was punched in the face.  It was a CGB-worthy intellectual discussion of the finest caliber.  I nearly wept.


The rest of the night was a blur.  I remember an excessively hairy man pulling the oh-I'm-just-stretching move to put his arms over the shoulders of two other guys.  There was some under-the-table leg-humping action...think chihuahua on espresso.  I won't name names...but someone obvious stood a little too close to that cannon.  I woke up missing a tooth and there's a strange baby in the next room.  What happened?  Help me, CGB Hivemind.  What do you think happened during the raw, unedited version of Chicken N' Waffles Night I?

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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