Inside info from Cal Athletics


I just got some inside information from Cal Athletics that I thought you might be interested in.

  • Selling Memorial Stadium benches and turf
  • 2011 Schedule & Tickets
  • 2011 Game Day experience ideas

Selling Memorial Stadium benches and turf

Yes, Cal Athletics plans on selling pieces of Memorial Stadium to interested fans. They are going to hire an outside company (which apparently does this kind of stuff) to put it all together. The problem is, Cal Athletics basically has to hand over the keys to the contractor at 5pm today and then they start tearing everything apart. So, up until this point, Athletics has been trying to get out as much stuff as they can to sell.

Benches: The existing aluminum benches are being used in the new stadium. The wood benches (some) will be sold (somehow, not sure the dimensions or how it will look) to fans. I asked about the lead paint issue and apparently the level is "okay" to sell as this kind of thing, it just can't be used as furniture.

Stadium Turf: Originally, they wanted to take more of this out, but with all the rain lately, the turf is about 40% heavier than expected, so they physically can't get as much out in the time they have. They are looking at just having one endzone and the center script Cal available and will lose the rest. The process is massive - there are 8 years of those black pellets layered and smashed on top of each other that all has to be removed, basically by beating it out. The end "product" will just be the "turf" with no pellets.

Interesting Tidbit: Many people have called Athletics asked for a bench. One guy offered $500 per seat of his regular season tickets in GG. None of this kind of stuff will be done - all those big $$ seats are aluminum anyway.  (I don't think any Gold Zone fans have asked for their 1-foot wide section of the wood bench...)


2011 Schedule & Tickets

2011 Schedule is not finalized yet, but looking at:

  • Saturday, Sept. 3 "vs." Fresno State at Candlestick Park
  • Saturday, Sept. 10 at Colorado (would probably not count as a Pac-12 conference game because of our previous home/away contract with them)
  • Saturday, Sept. 17 - home game unknown

If the Giants extend into the postseason, it's possible some of our home dates on the schedule will have to be moved.

2011 Tickets: You have all seen the complicated seating & donation chart. Interestingly, all those donor levels are approximately what is going on now in Memorial Stadium. The annual price of a season ticket is approximately the same, except there are only 5 home games, so each individual game ticket is more. (The Candlestick Park game would be considered a "neutral location" so separate tickets would have to be bought.)

Visiting teams will only get 2000 seats for each game. USC has regularly sold between 8000-9000 seats per game - and they will only get 2000. (Ha!)

They hope to basically sell out every game with season tickets (plus the visiting team seats and the students/band). They will hold back only about 1000-2000 single game tickets per game, mostly for "stuff" that comes up so they have some tickets available. I'm not sure how widely these single game tickets will be sold to the general public, and if they are, it will be very late in the game when/if they need to get rid of them.


2011 Game Day Experience Ideas

A lot of different ideas are being floated about the AT&T (and Berkeley) game day experience. There are different target markets:

Fans going to the game: Enhancing their gameday experience and making it easy to go to/from AT&T Park.

  • Pre-Game tailgate party (Beer Garden) in the parking lot or nearby ferry buildings. Cal Athletics would run it and it would be replacing what the FunZone does now - but would be on a bigger scale as it's going to attract a lot more people and they'll have more room and freedom with what to do with the space.
  • Bus transportation to/from the game. This could be as simple as a bus that has several pick-up points in the East Bay going to/from the stadium and/or it could be a package that includes Berkeley hotel stays, food, booze, shwag, etc.
  • Ferry transportation to/from the game. The Alameda/Oakland Ferry will probably do their "regular" Giants gameday service which is simply transportation to/from the game. Hornblower is looking to expand the experience into a party on the boat - with a bit longer of a ride around the bay. This might arrive early enough for fans to do the pre-game party as well.

Fans not going to the game: Bringing them together in Berkeley and providing a fun "game day" without going to the game.

  • Hotel packages. (The Berkeley hotels are, understandably, very worried about their revenue severely decreasing without the sold-out home gameday weekends.)
  • Viewing party in Pauley Ballroom which fits up to 700 people. It might include local merchants and other fun activities. There might be an Alumni Band opportunity for "halftime entertainment." (The Alumni Band is also throwing around ideas of wandering San Francisco before the game and playing anywhere they can. The problem might be that all the nearby bars will probably be full, but when a bass drum comes your way, people usually make room...)

That's pretty much it.  Go Bears!

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