Today's Big Game Victory should (ed:would have) only cost around $500,000*

* Assuming there would have been could be 2 Pac10 teams in BCS games, Cal to the Holiday Bowl instead of the Sun

POSTGAME INVESTIGATION:  Sandy Barbour was NOT speaking on Brock Mansion's helmet radio link before the interceptions and fumbles - repeat, no direct Athletic Dept. involvement in the interceptions and fumbles.  Baseball and gymnastics coaches still not accounted for.

The responses to the earlier post made clear the obvious, that in terms of evil   

Throwing the Big Game for increased Athletic Dept. funding >> eating babies

Didn't channel enough Swift to get the point across (Kafka fizzled on EDSBS this week as well).  No doubt that dropping the last Luck interception today for a 1 point loss is unthinkable, but for fun at least one stat major could have run the numbers properly.  We can't all be in law school.  So, only for laughs, and with very crude calculations:

Bowl expenses:

Turns out the Holiday Bowl payout is only $450,000 more than the Sun (2.35 mil vs 1.9 mil).  All Pac10 teams receive even splits of bowl payouts after individual team expenses, so let's say Cal only receives $50,000 less for playing in the Sun.  The main loss to Cal in playing in the Sun is increased expenses for both the school and fans.  Airfare to El Paso averages $100 more than San Diego, so for example, it would cost an extra $20,000 or so to take the Cal Band to the Sun rather than the Holiday.  (Don't know if the Band would prefer going to SD by party bus - or Party Yacht).  We'd also have to buy 9000 tickets to the Sun Bowl.  If fans don't buy them all the school has to pay for the rest.  For example, Oregon State fans only bought 1200 tickets when they played.  Fun fact:  Texas A&M supposedly lost $490,000 playing us in the 2006 Holiday Bowl.  Other spare item:  recruiting opportunity in San Diego vs El Paso.

The most painful number is the $4.5 million the Pac10 gets for a second BCS bowl team.  The SEC, Big12, and Big10 have been slurping this up for years.  So that's $450,000 extra for every school, including Cal, for that 2nd team, no matter who or what it is - even if it's Cal Graduate School Prep Academy.

Everything today points to a Cal victory - sloppy weather forcing a ground game, the ghosts of 1991 seeking revenge, last Big Game in 1923 version Memorial, the Torchio/Brown/Levy/Mansion Big Game Surprise.  Still, just strange to think how expensive it will be.  Still, a bargain for the Ax.

Found:  the one person out of 53 who voted to throw the game Texasgolfernightstalker_medium


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