DBD 11-2-10: Vote

For all you die-hard Giants Fans (Zoonews) and you band-wagoners (the rest of you), this should be a day of celebration.  The City's first world series, and the team's first championship since 1954: enjoy it.  I am a hockey/Cal fan first and foremost, and a Mariners/Twins fan when it comes to baseball, so I was not invested very much in this world series.  Still, it was highly enjoyable to look around the bar last night, first at the stress and anxiety and finally at the glee and genuine happiness.  That so many of my friends are so happy, and that W. and father lost is just icing on the cake.

The happy faces I saw reminded me of myself 18 months ago, when the Pens bucked all kinds of history to win sport's most difficult prize, the Stanley Cup.  That mixture of euphoria and relief is intoxicating.  And that there's no guarantee it will happen again next  year (or in the next 50 years) only makes the celebration more urgent and important.

Unfortunately for you revelers, aside from GoldBlooded, you can't just sit around watching highlights all day on your mom's couch with your urine-stained Giant's blanket and a half-eaten bag of cheetos.  You have to shower, go to work, and watch Glee on Fox tonight.  And since today is the first Tuesday of November, you have to vote.

If you are apolitical and don't want to read an angry rant (or if you're a Giant's fan and are uncomfortable feeling this happy), just read this article.

Republicans are poised to take the House with a gain of 50-60 seats, and pick up 7 or 8 seats in the Senate.  The consensus is that these gains are due to the crappy economy, for which the Democrats are being blamed.  This series of events seems pretty straightforward: A republican white house craters the economy.  A Democrat takes over as president and attempts to stave off economic disaster, all while republicans unequivocally oppose these efforts at every turn.  18 months later, republicans succeed in convincing the American people that Democrats are at fault for the economy, even though republicans spent 6 years creating the mess, and then did everything they could to make it worse.  Blame Obama, the socialist nazi. 

It makes me think of two little kids: your big brother smashes all the vases in the living room because he's a dickhead and wants lower taxes for his rich friends pretending to be a heroic slugger like Edgar Renteria.  You try to clean up, because he won't and mom and dad will be home soon, but instead of helping he purposefully breaks the broom and shits on the couch.  Then your parents walk in and he blames you for not cleaning up the mess in time.  Your parents wouldn't buy that, but the fickle, amnesiac American public does and the democrats are about to get sent to their rooms.

Reading that article I linked above drove home how fucked we all are.  There is so much money invested in maintaining the status quo that it's easy for me to sympathize with uneducated people who vote republican.  Their marketing is incredible.  Meanwhile, the Democrats are so scared about losing power (and rightfully so, it seems) that they capitulate on pretty much everything.  There's a complete disregard for humanity due to the pursuit and collection of money on one side, and a complete lack of competence on the other.

Frankly, Barbara Boxer (and to a much lesser extent, Jerry Brown) do not particularly inspire me, but what I don't want is a return to bullshit supply side economics.  This theory has "worked", in that the stock market has grown tremendously since 1980.  Of course, these gains have been completely realized by the very wealthy, while income/wages for the working class are actually lower than they were 30 years ago.  The gap between rich and poor has exploded.  If you want banks and financial institutions (and their employees) to make a ton of money, while everybody else trends downward, vote republican.

Prop 23 is horrible.  We should be doing everything we can to encourage investment in green energy, not actively suppressing it.  Just as bringing republicans back into power to fix the economic mess they created is a terrible, shortsighted strategy, so is stopping AB 32.  I would much rather make an attempt to fight global warming and transform our economy than help energy companies make more money.

So, take a few minutes out of your day and vote.  If you're rich and you want to stay rich, vote for Carly and Meg.  If you think global warming's a hoax, vote yes on 23.  I would write some sanctimonious line about believing health-care is a right and voting Democrat, but I've already been way too sanctimonious and most of you are probably voting Democrat already.  Definitely vote yes on 21.  If you're an A's fan and want to ignore you know what, voting will probably make you feel morally superior to those simpletons who focus all their energy on a game of stick ball.  Join me in believing the illusion that we can make a difference!

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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