Golden Facilities: November 2010 SAHPC Update

[TwistNHook Note:  CaliforniaEternal has a great post here regarding progress on the Student Athlete High Performance Center.  We wanted to highlight his amazing work.  After the jump, please take a closer look at some of the impressive changes happening to our beloved Memorial Stadium.  And thank you very much to CaliforniaEternal!  GO BEARS!]


By popular demand, the update is back! Where has the update been since the last one in July? Well, I did take a set of pictures on Aug. 12th and I was ready to post an update. I have included some of those in this update as a comparison to the most recent pictures. But, things got a little crazy for me around then as I was busy getting married on Sept 5th in Hawaii. Then, I meant to take some pictures during the Homecoming game. That plan went bad after I discovered that game days are not a good time to take construction pictures. Finally, last Sunday, the day after a rare road win, I felt so inspired by a 20-13 victory that I knew the time had come for another update.

Mr. DeSean Jackson, of Long Beach Polytechnic High School, seen here at the Homecoming game, wishes he had trained in the facilities being built. Mr. Aaron Rodgers of Butte Community College and Mr. Desmond Bishop of San Francisco City College, who both stopped by this past weekend to see their Golden Bears in action, also wish they had pumped iron in a high performace facility. [Click on wide view in the header box in the top right corner to get the full picture widths. That way, Mr. Derrick Hill won't be cut off.]


One of the stadium pictures I took during Homecoming. As you can see, there is a lot of new space in the concourse after the coaches offices were knocked out. It was very nice to see all that light coming through the open arches, just like the original condition of the stadium in 1923.


August 12th: Prospect Lot being prepared for paving.


Nov. 7th: Prospect Lot paved. A nicer stone finish for this area is postponed until the east side renovation *sigh* because of cost.


Aug 12th: Waterproofing was taking place on the south end.


Nov. 7th: The top surface of the south end of the building and the adjacent pathway are in place.


Nov. 7th: Most of the site walls are in place.


Aug. 12th: Waterproofing the SAHPC surface was taking place.


Nov 7th: The stairs on the south end are ready for action.


Nov. 7th: The new and curiously shaped I-House parking lot. Looks like a little truck turnaround point is built in.


Nov. 7th: Landscaping on the plaza level! Chop block the trees!


Aug. 12th: Mounds of dirt near I-House.


Aug. 12th: No landscaping visible while pipes for the interior work are brought in.


Aug. 12th: Those rectangular cutouts are where the trees were planted.


Nov. 7th: The outline for the south stair is visible. The border between the concrete surface and the landscaping is just about where the weight room begins.


Nov. 7th: A clearer shot of the stairs leading down to the 2nd level floor.


Nov. 7th: Landscaping further north over the weight room.


Aug. 12th: Check the next image for a good before and after look.


Nov. 7th: Progress over the last 3 months.


Aug. 12th: Looking southwest.


Nov. 7th: The southwest view towards Boalt.



Nov. 7th: Nice view of the 3rd and 4th floor wall on the south end.





Nov. 7th: Most of the work is taking place inslde. Stuff like ductwork, plumbing, electrical, and drywall installation.



Nov. 7th: Installation of exterior stone is taking place, although the blue covering prevents the work from being seen.



Nov. 7th: A closeup of the preparation for the south stair.


Nov. 7th: Glass has been installed!


Nov. 7th: Somewhere in this area moisture testing for the showers is taking place. No I did not just make that up. The weekly update mentioned this fact and I am just passing the news along. There was no word if this testing was for men's or ladies showers.





Bonus feature! Pictures of the new Blum Hall (formerly Naval Architecture Building). After at least 6 years of being closed, the sidewalk on Hearst is now completely open! What a great time for the north side of campus!


Check out the new shingle work. The restoration looks really nice. The new shingle is lighter in color than the original.


The campus-facing side with Sutardja-Dai Hall in the background. There's an above ground pathway that connects the two buildings. They added a new basement level for a sturdier foundation. I walked by the area periodically and at one point the entire building was being held up by a support structure as they were excavating soil.


The new wing of Blum Hall. This I really like. A modern approach to John Galen Howard's rustic shingle style.

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