DBD 11.12.10 Managing disappointment the TwistNHook Way

CBWit just wrote a fanpost about how to manage his disappointment were we to lose tomorrow (which is a real possibility).  He has some funny jokes in there and that Roboduck GIF, oh that beloved Roboduck GIF.

Humor is his defense mechanism.  And that's great.  But thats probably because he doesnt fail as much as I do.  So, he has to have a defense mechanism against disappointment.  When you fail as much as I do (0-3 in trials!), disappointment isn't something to fight against, it's a mid afternoon drinking partner.  When you take the 3 o clock to failtown (with a quick stop off at Crysylvania), you get to kick it old school with disappointment quite often.

And let me tell you something disappointment isn't as bad as you might all think.  It actually has a few nice upsides.  Like, you only can go up!  Once you already are disappointed, it can only get better from there! 

And also, it makes other people around you feel better.  "Man, my wife just left me, I have no job, and I recently lost my arm in a horrific industrial accident.  BUT AT LEAST I'M NOT TWIST!  That guy is so disappointing!"  So, you get to make all your friends very happy just to be alive.

Finally, disappointment is great, because if helps fuel bitterness and rage.  I might have a daughter someday and someday after that she might be a teenager.  I'll need all the bitterness and rage I can get my hands on at that point.  Good to start stocking up right now, yknow?  Otherwise, she might have a normal dating life.  And we can't be having that now, can we. 

So, sure, you can go the CBKWit way and try to fight disappointment, because you aren't a complete failure in life and don't have disappointment as the first thing you experience waking up and the last thing you remember before sleep.  Or you can go the TwistNHook way, where disappointment is the Huck to your Finn.  There, tomorrow's game will just be another Saturday.  It'll be no more disappointing as the day you failed to get into Stanford undergrad or the moment after your "I Dos" at the wedding where your wife burst into uncontrollable tears.


......because that's what people do when they realize they just married you for the rest of your life!


How disappointing!



BERKELEY - On a day when eighth-ranked California honored its seven seniors, freshman Alec Sundly scored two goals, including the gamewinner, in a 3-2 win over Stanford on Thursday at Edwards Stadium to power the Golden Bears to the Pac-10 championship and an automatic berth into the NCAA Tournament. Sundly's strike with 7:22 remaining became the winning margin in Cal's victory over its rival in the second game of the Bay Area Derby.

"I tried to do it for the seniors," Sundly said. "As I was getting mentally prepared for this game I was thinking, `Man, this might be their last game,' and I just put it all out on the field."

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