Most Cal fans agree that Steve Marshall should go, but who should replace him?

I'm in the camp that most of our offensive struggles are due to the lackluster offensive line play and the buck for this mostly stops at our offensive line coach, Steve Marshall. I think this season we see a lot of changes in the coaching ranks and I think (note the emphasis) the first person to go must be Steve Marshall. But this begs the question of who is best fit to replace him? Tedford could hire a NFL re-tread (though that hasn't worked out well for him), an out of job college coach, bring back one of his excellent linemen from the earlier era or poach a coach from a currently high performing team. In my opinion the best bet would be to go for the latter strategy: steal a coach!

In this post I'll try to see which teams currently have high performing OL coaches and how much they are currently being paid. It's mostly filled with my ramblings because this was at one point just a DBD comment, so that said here we go...

My criteria in looking at the best performing OL coaches is to look at sacks allowed, rushing yards per game and average yards per carry (thanks to sec119 for the suggestion). I reserve the right to ignore spread offense teams that mostly run with their QB (that means Auburn, Nebraska - one Helu game doesn't count, Meechegan, and GT are out) plus any crappy teams (Marshall, SDSU...). I'll include Nevada because they kicked our asses and OSU because of the opinion that they train up nerds into homecoming queens. All stats are from

Top teams in terms of sacks allowed:

#T-2 Oregon (3)
#T-2 Utah (3)
#T-2 Stanford (3)
#T-2 Michigan (3)
#T-6 Boise St (4)
#T-9 Nevada (5)
#T-9 TCU (5)
#T-12 Wisconsin (6)
#T-21 USC (9)
#T-69 Oregon St (17)

Rushing yds per game:

#3 Oregon (311)
#5 Nevada (300.88)
#9 TCU (270)
#12 Stanfurd (223.75)
#13 Wisconsin (221.38)
#17 Boise St (214.29)
#21 USC (200.50)
#27 Utah (191.50)
#88 Oregon St (131.57)

Rushing yds per carry (YPC):

#2 Oregon (6.51)
#5 Nevada (6.32)
#6 TCU (5.74)
#8 USC (5.65)
#9 Florida St (5.64)
#11 Boise (5.59)
#13 Furd (5.42)
#18 Bama (5.32)
#19 Utah (5.28)
#21 Wisc (5.21)
#83 Oregon St (3.82)

For comparison, Cal:

18 sacks allowed (#81)
158.75 yds/gm (#50)
4.35 yds/carry (#55)

What this doesn't show is the amount of times the QB is pressured but the fact that almost all the teams listed above are ranked highly while Cal is an unimpressive .500 with the starting QB out for the season, shows that they have good OLs.

Now let's see how much some of these coaches are getting paid. The data is from 2009 because that's the latest I could find. It includes the base pay plus extra income but does not include bonus.

Steve Greatwood (Ore) – $200,000
Tim Drevno (Furd) ???
Blake Miller (Utah) $125,000
Chris Strausser (Boise) $204,725
Eddie Williamson (TCU) ???
Bob Bostad (Wisc) $199,504
Cameron Norcross (Nev) $70,710
James Cregg (USC) ???
Mike Cavanaugh (OSU) $200,004.

Couldn’t find salaries from private schools, but let's assume it’s near $200k because that seems to be range.

For comparison this is what Cal pays our offensive coaches:

Steve Marshall $200,000
Ron Gould $160,320
Andy Ludwig $248,000
Jeff Tedford ($1,225,000 base + $1,528,500 other =) $2,807,500 (total). Also has a max bonus of $265,000

Surprisingly we pay Steve Marshall about how much the other schools pay their OL coaches. Which means we can potentially offer any new hires a competitive salary. Now if Tedford is willing to give up between $50k-$100 of his salary (and really when you have a $2.8mil salary I'd assume that's a drop in the bucket) then we can offer between $250k-$300k to the OL coach. And if Ludwig complains we either tell him STFU or offer half of what Tedford gives up (leaving $225k-$250k for the OL coach which is great). I think with this naive view we can honestly offer up one of these existing coaches and get them to coach at Cal.

I'm leaning towards Eddie Williamson from TCU. How about you?

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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