UPDATED Cal-ASU Photo Essay(Now with visible pics!): Riley to Jones

These are my dad's photos and narration(I did provide some additional bracketed commentary): "I happened to be in the right place and thought you might enjoy this piece of the ASU route! When I saw Jones running in my direction ahead of the DB and Riley look our way, I had a feeling that he was going to take a long shot at the end zone. My camera swiveled and followed Jones as the ball rocketed overhead! Moments later, the ref threw both arms up, the cannon thundered, the Cal Dance Team danced enthusiastically to "Fight," and the crowd went crazy with delight!! Go Bears!"





I saw Jones going long and Riley looked his way

[Bolden:  But you always run out of that formation when the WR motions inside! 

Marv:  I know...I'm as confused as you are]





Jones makes adjustments for the slightly under thrown pass.

[Marv:  Almost there....

Bolden:  Stay on target!  Wait - what?]





The defender does not see the ball

[Bolden:  You're just playin' me, Marv?  Seriously?  Your QB threw it?  And it's coming this way?  It's waaay high - like through the uprights, amirite?  Why are you smiling?

Marv:  I know something that you do not know...]





Ball is just below the stadium rim above the ref.  Jones is tracking it.

[Marv:  Turbo button, baby!  Gonna fly like a G6...

Bolden:  Oh hell no.  Your QB might be sober but he usually throws it likes he's dr-dr-drunk.]





Preparing to make the catch.  #3 does not get his arms up to contest in time.

[Bolden:  What the heck is that thing?  What do we do?!?!

Marv:  I see why they made you a CB...]




In his hands

[Marv:  Just for kicks, I'm gonna catch this one instead of tipping it.]





Ball secured!

[Bolden:  Can I at least touch it?  It's been so long...

Marv:  Don't you return kicks?  You're gonna be busy today, dude!]





Focused on completing the catch while #3 watches helplessly

[Bolden:  Alas, I can only watch helplessly...

Marv:  Yeah, that's how I feel on most passes.]






Jones breaks the plane of the endzone

[Bolden:  C'mon, man.  Please drop it.  Vontaze will eat us both.

Marv:  It's a good thing I'm faster than you.]





Jones willed himself to land over the line

[Bolden:  I'm glad we could share this moment together.  None of the other receivers want to cuddle after scoring on me.

Marv:  Have you considered Tic-Tacs?  Listerine?]





Landing with the ball firmly in his grasp

[Bolden:  Pinned!  I win!  I win!

Jones:  General Studies really does mean you idiots study General Mills cereal, doesn't it?]






The ref confirmed that the catch was made

[Ref:  I have no idea what just happened here.  Why is everyone looking at me?]




The ref signals "Touchdown Bears!"  The crowd erupts!

[Ref:  If I raise the roof, it makes big happy?  Yes?

Marv:  You can't actually see, can you?]





[Mike: I thought that was a run!  I totally was blocking and when he threw it I was like 'No way!'

Marv:  I know!  Me too!]





Happy chest thumping!

[Marv:  Dude, why can't you jump like that for passes?

Calvin:  Don't hurt me like that, man]




QB and receiver sharing the moment!

[Marv:  You threw me the ball! Don't ever quit me, Good Riley!

Riley:  It was my time.  The Randomness Arrow pointed to a smiley face.  Best.  Deep out.  Evair!

Marv:...Uh...That was a go route, man.  But I won't tell if you won't.]

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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