DBD 10.21.10 Greatest Sports Movies


Some dude at Bleacher Report decided to put 100 movies together and call it the greatest sports movies ever (to avoid giving B/R an extra hundred page views, I've compiled the list below for you). Not even sure if half of these can even be considered AVERAGE sports movies. Still, here's some stuff to check out on Netflix the next time you want some other sports action.


No. 100: Space Jam

No. 99: Youngblood

No. 98: Rookie of the Year

No. 97: The Great White Hope

No. 96: All the Right Moves

No. 95: Blades of Glory

No. 94: Kickboxer

No. 93: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

No. 92: The Waterboy

No. 91: The Program

No. 90: Redbelt

No. 89: Blue Crush

No. 88: The Champ

No. 87: Varsity Blues

No. 86: The Basketball Diaries

No. 85: Kingpin

No. 84: Diggstown

No. 83: BASEketball

No. 82: Green Street Hooligans

No. 81: Cool Runnings

No. 80: More Than a Game

No. 79: Over the Top

No. 78: Blue Chips

No. 77: The Mighty Ducks

No. 76: Any Given Sunday


No. 75: Something for Joey


No. 74: Vision Quest


No. 73: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story


No. 72: Days of Thunder

No. 71: The Replacements

No. 70: Bend It Like Beckham

No. 69: Ali

No. 68: The Express

No. 67: North Dallas Forty

No. 66: Above the Rim

No. 65: We Are Marshall

No. 64: Girlfight

No. 63: Happy Gilmore

No. 62: Victory

No. 61: Tyson

No. 60: Radio

No. 59: Heaven Can Wait

No. 58: Mystery, Alaska

No. 57: The Bingo Long Travelling All-Stars & Motor Kings (James Earl Jones & Billy Dee Williams? Intriguing)

No. 56: Love & Basketball

No. 55: Damn Yankees!

No. 54: Coach Carter

No. 53: Tin Cup

No. 52: Dogtown and The Z-Boys

No. 51: Seabiscuit

No. 50: Sugar

No. 49: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

No. 48: The Color of Money

No. 47: Eight Men Out

No. 46: Rocky IV (This movie should be #1. Or a number that's better than one.)

No. 45: Invictus

No. 44: Friday Night Lights


No. 43: The Longest Yard

No. 42: Bang the Drum Slowly

No. 41: Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns

No. 40: The Damned United

No. 39: Cinderella Man

No. 38: Big Fan

No. 37: Invincible

No. 36: The Rookie

No. 35: White Men Can't Jump

No. 34: For Love of the Game

33: Jerry Maguire

32: Rocky II

31: Riding Giants

30: The Bad News Bears

29: The Hurricane

28: The Blind Side

27: He Got Game

26: Pride Of The Yankees

25: Murderball

24: Rocky III

23: The Karate Kid

22: A League Of Their Own

21: Brian's Song

20: Miracle

19: The Sandlot

18: Rounders

17: Chariots Of Fire

16: Remember The Titans

15: Major League

14: When We Were Kings

13: The Wrestler

12: The Hustler

11: Million Dollar Baby

10: Slapshot

9: Hoop Dreams

8: Caddyshack

7: The Natural

6: Rocky

5: Bull Durham

4: Rudy (Gag.)

3: Raging Bull

2: Field Of Dreams

1: Hoosiers

I'm not a big sports movie buff, but let me go on record to say Rookie of the Year was criminally underrated. It was sure better than f***ing Radio. And Victory is a top five movie.

How many of these have you watched? How many of these would you consider great?

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