Cal v. UCLA 10.9.10 Photo Essay II

Part I

We left off at the end of the first half of the game.  Cal was up 28-0 and people were riding high.  Not just normal people like you or I.  Even special, important people like DeSean Jackson were loving it!


IMG_9952 (via enasccis)

He was in town to school Alex Smith and Niners.  But that was Sunday.  On Saturday, he came out to the game to enjoy his alma mater (which he won't name on Monday Night Football, but whatever).  He was in for quite a show.  After the jump, more second half action, including the marching bands and a big arrest.  GO BEARS

First up, the best damn high school band in the land.  They played Muse! Or so they claimed.  They played towards the Cal alumni section (who I presume turned down their hearing aids) and nobody on our side of the stadium could hear what was going on.  It barely sounded like anything.  Ragnarok seemed fairly depressed by this, insomuch as he loves Muse.  He wanted, inexplicably, to hear the UCLA band.  And yet what he yearned for could not be his.  DAMN YOU, UCLA!  And give us back our fight song while you are at it.


Clearly, Cal fans weren't the only ones depressed by the band.  While that was going on, a UCLA fan rushed the field, ostensibly to stop the UCLA band from embarrassing themselves.  He was stopped, resisted arrest and that's when shit got real!



IMG_5748 (via Monica's Dad)

While that whole charade was going on, Cal was doing the Latin Pop show and some of the special teams players were warming up:



He was led off the field and right by Monica's Dad:



IMG_5776 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5781 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5782 (via Monica's Dad)

And the band kept playing!



The Cheerleaders and other RallyCommers were dancing with Oski:


Then, they launched into the Macarena  The Macarena became popular when I was in high school and I remember how much people hated it.  When they played it at dances, people would sit down on the dance floor in protest.  Yet, well over a decade later (I'm so old!), Cal Spirit managed to pull it off great!


The Chancellor came by.  Mostly people cheered him, but there were some boos:







This person had the greatest #1 Foam Finger of all time:


UCLA was praying for God to come and help them in the second half:


IMG_5808 (via Monica's Dad)

But God clearly had more important things to do.  She musta been busy showing Her face in a tortilla in New Mexico.  Without God, Kevin Prince was having a rough afternoon:


IMG_5823 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5923 (via Monica's Dad)

I believe this was that annoying roughing the punter call.  There was a moment when the Cal O was stalling and UCLA had scored their 7 points of the day.  It looked like maybe, just maybe momentum might turn.  Cal had stopped that, but then with this call gave UCLA new life:


IMG_5926 (via Monica's Dad)

The Cal O, led by Kevin Riley, did not do much in the 2nd half:


IMG_5903 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5971 (via Monica's Dad)

Gotta respect the UCLA fans, who showed up en masse and stayed well into the game, even after it became a blow out:




Cal players were telling about why they decided to come to Cal:



The offense wasn't totally impotent in the second half as an awesome reverse by Marvin Jones led to paydirt:



IMG_5995 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5997 (via Monica's Dad)


IMG_5998 (via Monica's Dad)

And the Cal D kept putting UCLA in great situations...for us!


Vereen talking about why he wears 34:



DeSean came out to hype up the student section:


IMG_9949 (via enasccis)

Soon, it was time for the second stringers to finish off the game and DeBoskie came in:


IMG_6043 (via Monica's Dad)



IMG_6044 (via Monica's Dad)



IMG_6055 (via Monica's Dad)

Always great to have this receipt:


After the game, the bands serenaded the remaining fans.  Neuheisal did not give a stirring speech, though!  :(




And with that the Cal-UCLA game was over.  Another great day at Memorial.  Sunny, gorgeous day.  Great energy.  Huge win.  GO BEARS!

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