California Golden Recruits Thread: Signing Day Week

Previous threads: LOI Countdown, January 2010, December 2009, November 2009.

dballisloose managed to put together a complete recruiting list for the Bears (Note: this was before the Coleman Edmond (WR) signing, check his profile here)

Our commit list:

On offense:
WR Kaelin Clay, 5’10" 175 Long Beach, CA
WR Tevin Carter, 6’3" 190 Los Angeles, CA
WR Terrance Montgomery, 5’9" 180 Los Angeles, CA
TE Jacob Wark, 6’4" 240 Portland, OR
RB Trajuan Briggs, 5’11" 192 Van Nuys, CA
OT Alex Crosthwaite, 6’5" 303 San Diego, CA
OT Geoff Gibson, 6’5" 315 Las Vegas, NV
C Chris Adcock, 6’3" 282 Mesquite, TX
QB Austin Hinder, 6’5" 180 Steamboat Springs, CO

On defense:
MLB Dave Wilkerson, 6’3" 238 Danville, CA
MLB Cecil Whiteside, 6’3" 220 Newport Beach, CA
MLB Nick Forbes, 6’0" 224 Frederick , MD
OLB Chris Martin, 6’4" 240 Aurora, CO
S Michael Coley, 6’1" 200 Hyattsville, MD
CB Adrian Lee, 6’0" 190 Dallas, TX

Obviously we’ve got some spots to fill at OG, DE, and DT. We’ve also got a bit of youth at those positions right now, but picking up some of the prospects would fill those spots:

DT Ego Ferguson 6’4" 270
DE Gabe King 6’4" 250
S Keenan Allen 6’3" 195

Seems like Arie, another OT, is a long-shot. So unless there are some lower-rated or unrated OG prospects out there that we haven’t offered yet, we’re not going to fill all the needs with this recruiting class. Which isn’t criticism, just observation.

drub12 discusses the big potential prospects still interested in the Bears.

DB Keenan Allen – To stick with Alabama or join his brother, Zach Maynard, at Clemson – or possibly Cal? A package deal to Clemson is gaining momentum, and we’ll see if Allen and Maynard decide to take the long trip to Cal. Right now it appears family has the edge over his current commitment, and the trip to Cal is on this weekend.

DE Gabe King – King was down to Oregon and Cal, but apparently it’s all Cal now – as it was earlier in the process.

DE J.R. Ferguson – Even Ferguson doesn’t have a clue where he’s headed. The hunch here is that he ends up playing in Florida at either Florida State or Miami. He had a great visit to FSU last weekend, and Miami gets the last shot this weekend. LSU can’t be counted out either, while Cal and Notre Dame trail.

OL Arie Kouandjio – Alabama leads over Cal with USC getting the last visit this weekend. Look for the Tide to roll with this one by Signing Day barring something unforeseen.

LB Chris McCain – McCain is committed to Oregon. However, Cal is the surefire leader for his ex-teammate Gabe King. The Bears are also now very much in the mix for Keenan Allen. A flip to the Bears isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Note. This thread will be closed on Wednesday when Signing Day officially starts and the discussion moves to the frontpage.

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