Fantasy Week in Review - Week 3

NEW YORK - Jerrod Johnson of Rag's Doombringers passed for 322 yards and four touchdowns, and ran for 78 yards in piling up  43 fantasy points - on the bench.

They didn't need him anyway.

Rags' entire team delivered a monstrous performance in defeating Energia del Burro 161.25-131 behind solid performances from Noel Devine, Toby Gerhart (whom Rags continues to start with a passion unknown to mankind), and Eric Decker.

"You know, we just wanted to prove a point that we're able to overcome bad decision-making on the part of our coach.  I mean, who the hell decides they're going to start Duke's QB anyway?" Gerhart said.

"I also feel like Rags showed a lot of faith in me starting against Syd and the Cal secondary.  It's good to know he has his priorities in order, rooting for his fantasy team over his real life team.  As a matter of fact, I expect him to go run out and buy a Stanford jersey before the Big Game this year." Decker said with a nod towards Gerhart.

Energia del Burro's 44 points from Jahvid Best were similarly wasted.

"It's unfortunate that things worked out this way, but at least the Dolphins lost on Monday." Best said when reached for comment.


dballers_are_all_loose fought off Yellow Fever in a 155-76.25 ass whipping.  Todd Reesing, Ryan Broyles, and Mark Ingram combined for a total of 90 fantasy points, far more than the grand total of 9 that Jonathan Dwyer, Michael Floyd, Julio Jones, and Marcus McNeill combined for.  FML.  But hey, Dwyer is still ahead of Best on Mel Kiper's Big Board.

Team 1 continued its season long losing streak, falling to Syd lines up under center 146-60 in the biggest beatdown of the week.  Jesus in Cleats continued his lackluster season as Clemson's defense rolled up 34 fantasy points with 7 points allowed, 3 interceptions, a defensive touchdown, and a total of 54 yards allowed.  Dare we say it might be time for Syd lines up under center to put Jacory Harris into the starting lineup ahead of Tebow?

The HolmoePhobes rode Taylor Potts right arm to a 119.25-75 victory over The Ghosts of Ty Willingham as Potts compiled 420 passing yards and three touchdowns against one interception and a total of 54 yards lost to sacks. Potts was helped out by respectable efforts from Jared Perry, James Rodgers, and the Florida defense against Tennessee's inept offense and Jonathan Crompton's Delhomme-esque accuracy.

Rock Runners ran past TimeForSomeAction with big efforts from Zac Robinson and RB Ryan Williams of Virginia Tech.  Anthony McCoy contributed a total of one point as he found out what life is like without the Jesus in Cleats of the West Coast.  TimeForSomeAction was stymied by weak performances from Colt McCoy and Nic Grigsby on a weekend where their backups  - Jimmy Clausen and Anthony Allen - would have produced enough points for a victory.



West Division
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
dballers_are_all_loose 3 0 0 1.000 0 W3 3-0-0 0 393.5 0.0 254.2
Holmoe Phobes 2 1 0 0.667 1 W2 2-1-0 1 385.5 8.0 303.5
Yellow Fever 2 1 0 0.667 1 L1 0-1-0 1 337.2 56.2 341.2
Rock Runners 1 2 0 0.333 2 W1 0-2-0 0 280.2 113.2 346.0
The Ghosts of Ty Willingham 1 2 0 0.333 2 L2 1-2-0 0 257.8 135.8 309.5
East Division
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
Syd lines up under center 2 1 0 0.667 0 W2 2-1-0 0 369.0 24.5 275.2
Rag's Doombringers 2 1 0 0.667 0 W2 2-1-0 1 363.8 29.8 324.0
Energia del Burro 1 2 0 0.333 1 L2 1-1-0 0 337.5 56.0 366.2
TimeForSomeAction 1 2 0 0.333 1 L2 1-1-0 0 329.5 64.0 352.5
1 0 3 0 0.000 2 L3 0-2-0 0 193.5 200.0 375.0



League 1 - 2

1. Easy-So-Feel-Me - 39
2. Goody - 38
3. Montezuma's Revenge - 37
3. class of 87 - 37
3. Calnet - 37
3. AERose - 37
7. rickysanchez - 36
7. GoldenTorero - 36
7. BearsNecessity - 36
7. goshatgo - 36
7. Oaktown4ever - 36
7. YoQuieroOski - 36
7. rjnarayen - 36
7. Clean Cut Media - 36

Big logjam up there chasing after Easy-So-Feel-Me, so we'll have to see how that lead holds up with so many people right behind him.  Fun trends of the week:


  • Six people picked Minnesota to cover - none in league 2.
  • Four people didn't pick a winner in the Boise State/Fresno State game at all.  No idea what the hell happened there.  Incidentally, one of those people was Tweedledamn.  What are you doing in our league, man?  And not for nothing, but it's a good thing you're not close to winning.  I don't know what you'd do with a 50 dollar gift certificate to the Cal Student Store.
  • Eight people picked Duke to cover against Kansas.  Again I ask - Duke?  Really?
  • 15 people correctly picked Temple to cover against Penn State.  Why are they ranked above Cal again?
Good luck to everyone this week.
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