DBD 9.18.2009 - Thanks rollonubears!

This has been, perhaps, my favorite week on CGB. 

From the DBDs, the analyses in our front page posts, danzig's usual spectacular highlight videos, and carp's NSFW pictures - I have never been more excited by a body of work in any online community. Hydro and Avinash's posts, and the threads that followed, were works of art - good writing, good reporting, good humor - unique contributions.

It seems like we have evolved to a level where our common understanding of what being a citizen here means.  It means not going batshit crazy over picture alignment. Ok, I confess. I do go crazy when Twist fails to center a picture. Which means I go crazy just about every time he uses a picture. But it means not worrying about whether our school is a football school, a basketball school, a finishing school, a culinary school, a medical school, a law school, a school for the blind, or any other kind of school. Because we all know that deep down, we're a rugby school.

What particularly pleased me was a game day thread filled with many of our New York readers - on the same day that I had finally decided to venture out and go to MJ Armstrong's with the hopes of meeting the elusive elbarto83. That I ended up having to pay an extra 40 bucks because two deadbeat girls were outside eating pizza didn't dampen my spirits.  This was a great game day thread. And, the story telling that is showing up in the FanPosts is unique amongst the blogs I visit. That people know how to cut and paste mainstream media articles is amazing. Finally, add in the amazing visual contributions that danzig provides - photos, videos - where else can you find stuff like this?

And, for this, rollonubears deserves a lot of credit.

rollonubears has built a community that demands excellence in content and rational behavior. And, during this week, the standards have been constantly met or exceeded. It's been very easy to ensure that no personal attacks between readers take place here - far easier than some would have you believe, because it's relatively simple to approach things with a sense of humor rather than having to wear a tinfoil helmet all the time. And trust me, those things get heavy! It also helps that everyone can uniformly get behind, "You'll understand when you're older," jokes.

Will I understand when I am older? Because I don’t understand now.

by rollonubears

But you will understand when you’re older.

by Yes We Cannon

You’ll understand when you’re older.

by ragnarok

I am glad I waited to start watching this show. Because yes, I understand now that I am older. If I had started watching this in 5th grade (when it started), I would be ridiculously confused.

by rollonubears

Clearly, content is King here. This isn't a place to come and spew crap.

Every once in a while, I visit another site, just to check it out. I'm stunned at what passes for dialogue and content. Some of it is shallow, some mean, much of it snarky drivel by posters. Some of it even by administrators. (Here's looking at you, palvador!)

A conversation he had while hanging out with some girls and drinking Steel Reserve:
Laura (to Al): You probably shouldn't drive if you have been drinking..
Al: No it's ok I have a license.
Kelly: HAHAH you will still get in trouble if you're driving drunk, even if you have a license!
Al: No no no. Not a driving license, other types of licenses.
Laura: HAHA well I don't know of any licenses that can let you drive drunk.

Al: Well then obviously you don't know shit

It's that kind of stuff that would not be tolerated here.

I think we can all agree that nothing less than excellence would flow from a base that has either graduated from or become aligned with Cal.

But, to create a place where so many diverse people come to contribute in such a deep and positive way amazes me.

Every so often, someone comes here, steps over the line, and then attacks rollonubears when he asks that they not keep parroting the line that he'll understand when he's older because gosh darn it, he's old enough to understand now.  Sometimes, the attacks on rollonubears are more aggressive and ridicule the paltry number of AP courses he's taking in high school. No matter how strong one is, that stings a bit; and no one wants that negative energy in his or her life.

There was a thread last week where that happened. I was going to write a letter of support and appreciation to rollonubears and the front pagers but never got around to it.

But, I do think, every so often, we have to say "Thank you" lest you think we take all of this for granted.

We don't. We appreciate this place. And, we appreciate you.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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