Pac-10: Week 2

Two weeks in and the haze is beginning to lift a bit ...

We still really don't know all that much about:

Arizona, ASU, and Cal: These teams basically went up to a puppy and started kicking it for no reason.  Seriously, what can we really take from Cal rolling over EWU or ASU abusing Idaho State?  At least they did what they were expected to do and put up video game numbers on their opponents.  I guess one could argue that Zona kind of underachieved against NAU, but then one could also argue that darts should be an Olympic sport.


We learned a bit more about:

USC: Yes, they pwn the Big Televen. But their win against the BuckyNutts might have been more a reflection on how overrated Ohio State is than how good SC is.  The Trojans got solid defensive play, but their last drive aside, looked very, um, average.  All this talk about Barkley being some sort of blend of Fran Tarkenton, John Elway, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and YA Tittle is just silly.  He seems to have a lot of talent and upside, but dude was a 50% QB on the night.

Ucla: Props to the bRuins for not soiling their shorts in Neyland, and exposing the Vols on national TeeVee (that’s the way they say it down there.  Teeee-Veeeee). As impressive as the win was for their team and as great as it is to see the SEC just have to shut the hell up for a day or two, there should be some perspective.  Specifically, Ucla’s offense does not look too good.  But the baby blue did show strong defense, and if nothing else, it’s pretty clear this is not last year’s team.  Ucla is a legit 7-5 team, and should be taken seriously.

Oregon State: Sort of an all-around “feh” performance against UNLV.  But there’s no doubt that this team will go as far as Quizz will take them. 

Oregon: Well, it wasn’t pretty, but it’s a win.  Still, if I’m a Duck fan right now I am not ready to get on my knees and open wide for Chip Kelly just yet.  Yes, they won, but the beat Purdue.  Pur.Stinking.Doo.  That offense still just looks way too fragile for Oregon to be any sort of threat in the Pac. 

Washington: I guess we know if that little doggie is going to bark all day, or if it’s going to bite.  Idaho was just what UW needed after a pretty impressive showing against LSU.  I don’t expect this team to win next week, but I sure wouldn’t be surprised.

Furd: As much as it pains me, they did get jobbed against Wake. But seriously, they came out in the second half and just sucked.  And I have a feeling that Furd will be like this all year long.  Good, but not too good.  Able to score, but not able to prevent scores.  Able to beat the weaker teams, but not able to pull it out against the stronger ones.   

We already know about:

Wazzu.  Okay, it’s just painful now.

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