Well, this is huge, people.  Final Four Action.  And heres a big matchup.  Brock Mansion Party Yacht v. Pain Train.  Yes.  Pain Train.  The only non#1 seed to make it to the Final Four.  He knocked out Bak Bak.  Poor, beloved Bak Bak got Carpenter'd.  Here is the bracket.  Read the information behind the fold and then vote one of these guys into the championship.


Pain Train is the true Cinderella Seed here.  A 6 seed.  The seeding committee has some explaining to do!

He just crushed Bak Bak!

Pain Train first crushed Meme Deleted By Marshawnthusiast.  Then, he took on the one, the only Mustache Of Karl Dorrell. Then, Pain Train lampooned Dumpster Muffin.


Up against him is the one, the only, the Brock Mansion Party Yacht.

Party Yacht got a bye to the second round wherein it crushed Marshawnthusiasts love Longshore. Brock Mansion Party Yacht then evicted Twist Evicts Grandmothers.  Brock Mansion Party Yacht, most recently, defeated Danzig. 



Party Yatch (1)

On the left side of the main page, there is a little area for a tagline of sorts.  I originally wrote something like about crafting the statue of Longshore.  This worked because a)people seemed to think we were irrationally infatuated with him and it owned the criticism and b)he isn't very mobile.  Then, Riley became QB (briefly), so we changed it to "the Hall Of Riley."  So, I started to think about doing it for other QBs.  Like Beau Sweeney's Cajun-Style Family Fun Foodeatery!  And for Brock Mansion, I selected a line about him having a party yacht.  This is the earliest ref I can find of it. 

It blew up from there.  It even got it's own theme song:


It was a fairly simple joke that just exploded.  So, think about that next time you sit near the Statue of Longshore while eating at the Beau Sweeney's Cajun-Style Family Fun Foodeatery in the Hall of Riley on the Brock Mansion Party Yacht.  PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pain Train (6)

The Pain Train did not come from either CGB; in fact, for those of us too young to remember (ahem, rollonubears!), the Pain Train first appeared in a 2003 Super Bowl commercial featuring Terry Tate, Office Linebacker:


Clearly that commercial left an impression on our future Golden Ziger, Zack Follett.  

"Terry Tate -- number 56, the Office Linebacker, the Pain Train -- was my hero from watching those commercials," Follett said. "I try to emulate him when I'm out there.

"When I was in junior high my buddy Marcus Moore and I went to a sporting goods store that sold a Reebok Terry Tate jersey. I bought one immediately. We watched all of his You Tube clips. He was bringing the Pain Train and he had his Woo-woo sound. I used to do it in high school, I used to blow the kind of stuck with me a little bit."

So vote for the Pain Train.  After all, you don't want this to happen to you, do you?




You ain't got it like Marshawn got it

by Thoroughbred on Jan 24, 2009 6:37 PM EST


by BearsNecessity on Jan 8, 2009 3:19 PM EST


Go Bears Go

by Rocksanddirt on Dec 27, 2008 11:09 PM EST


by danzig on Dec 27, 2008 8:35 PM EST



by Berkelium97 on Nov 8, 2008 10:40 PM EST

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