DBD 8.4.09 help me.....PLEASE!

There's a question, a personal question, that has been haunting me for weeks now.  It gnaws me and is driving me crazy.  No, it is not about if I'm fresh down there.  This is much more important!  I need your help.  I need you.  I need to know if I am way off on this.  Am I a weirdo?  Or am I normal?

My question, my problem, my concern is this:

If a bald (OR BALDING) man becomes a werewolf, does he retain his pre-change baldness?  Would he, thus, be a bald werewolf?????? 

My thought on it is that no, no he would NOT be a bald werewolf.  I mean c'mon.  A bald werewolf.  That's the stupidest thing ever!  A bald werewolf is an abomination of humanity!!!!!!  It ain't right!

Here is my INCREDIBLY LOGICAL thought process:  Many people have portions of their body NOT covered in hair.  Yet (YET!) were they to become werewolves, their entire body would become covered in a thick fur.  Now, this means, LOGICALLY, RATIONALLY, REASONABLY!, that those portions of the body naturally without hair get fur.

So, if you extend that out, a bald man (or woman) would still get a full thick head of hair, because the bald skull would be the same as a hairless neck or shoulder or calf etc etc etc.  But then I am full of self-doubt.  What if I am way off here?  What if I am wrong?  So, like Avi, always counsels us, add a focus and add bold.

Would a bald man (or woman) become a bald werewolf?  Or is me-a just-a really really weird???

Quotes from the Media Day we didn't get invited to:

SAN FRANCISCO - California head coach Jeff Tedford, Heisman Trophy candidate Jahvid Best and Lott Trophy watch list honoree Syd'Quan Thompson spoke to the media and luncheon attendees at the second annual Bay Area College Football Media Session and Luncheon held at Hotel Nikko on Monday. Following are selected comments of what the trio had to say during the day.

Opening Statement
"It's great to see you all again. I hope you had a great summer and are ready to get on to football season. I know we are. Our players have been working very hard throughout the summer, and I'm very excited about the prospects of this season. I would like to wish coach (Jim) Harbaugh and coach (Dick) Tomey (at Stanford and San Jose State, respectively) the best of success and to stay healthy during camp. That's always a challenge as we get together and try to get prepared for the season."

On Syd'Quan Thompson
"He's been a mainstay in our program for a long time. He's a preseason All-American and has been first-team all-conference. We really depend on his leadership on defense."

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