Latest Depth Chart Released for Week 1

JO posted an updated depth chart last night
, following the Saturday practice and Fan Appreciation Day.  I'll post the chart here, and then discuss some thoughts and observations after the jump.


QB: Kevin Riley, Brock Mansion, Beau Sweeney

TB: Jahvid Best, Shane Vereen

FB: Brian Holley, Will Kapp

WR: Marvin Jones, Nyan Boateng

LT: Mike Tepper, Donovan Edwards

LG: Matt Summers-Gavin, Mark Boskovich

C: Chris Guarnero, Dominic Galas

RG: Justin Cheadle, Chet Teofilo

RT: Mitchell Schwartz, Donovan Edwards

TE: Anthony Miller, Skylar Curran, Spencer Ladner, Jarrett Sparks

WR: Verran Tucker, Jeremy Ross


DE: Tyson Alualu, Trevor Guyton

NG: Derrick Hill, Kendrick Payne

DE: Cameron Jordan, Ernest Owusu

OLB: Eddie Young, Charles Johnson

ILB: D.J. Holt, Jerome Meadows

ILB: Mychal Kendricks, Devin Bishop

OLB: Mike Mohamed, Keith Browner

CB: Syd’Quan Thompson, Bryant Nnabuife

S: Marcus Ezeff, Sean Cattouse

S: Brett Johnson, Jesse Brooks

CB: Darian Hagan, Josh Hill


P: Bryan Anger

PK: Giorgio Tavecchio

LS: Matt Rios

HOLDER: Brock Mansion, Bryan Anger

PR: Syd’Quan Thompson, Shane Vereen

KR: Jahvid Best, Jeremy Ross

Now, time for observations....

Okay, first observations are....

1) Where is Conte?  I would have thought we'd see him backing up Ezeff or Johnson, but Cattouse and Brooks are there.  I like Jesse Brooks, I think he's a senior this year and I met him at the fantasy camp last year.  Maybe because he's a senior, coach has him there as recognition, but seems strange not to see Conte's name somewhere.  I guess this also mean we're definitely going to redshirt Steve Williams.

2) Where is Lagemann?  I thought the depth chart would include the slot receiver position, like it did post-spring.

3) Where is Ryan Davis?  I thought he'd at least be someone's backup.  Did the move of Browner from DE to LB squeeze Davis out of a backup role?  Is he now a third stringer?  Seems too talented for that.

4) On a related note, our d-line and LBs are deep....really really deep.  I don't know that we'll see much dropoff with substitutions.  We might notice a missed assignment or two, but in terms of talent, there's not much dropoff from the starters to the backups.

5) TE is 4-deep.  Its one of the only positions (QB being the other), where every possible name was mentioned as depth at the position.  Now, we know the hierarchy for QB is set, but I have to imagine they put all four TEs on the chart because there is still some uncertainty what the hhierarchy will be.

6) Donovan Edwards.  The chart confirms earlier talk that he can and will backup wherever he is needed on the line.

Other thoughts?  Observations?  Surprises?

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