DBD 8.13.09 This is how it is done

I often have to wear two hats here.  One is TwistNHook, just a regular guy.  The other is TwistNHook, a moderator of a site.  The first one doesn't quite care so much about flame wars and people saying "mean" things to each other.  The latter has to put on his "I care deeply about your concerns" hat to do whatever is possible to create a flamewar-free community here.  To that end, I want to do what amounts to an instructional video on political discussion.  We've always been a little hesitant here regarding political discussion.  Not because we have any sort of anti-politics bent or anything like that.  I love discussing how Obama is turning America in a facist Disneyland (Tagline:  HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH..........OR ELSE) as much as the next West Coast Liberal Elite employeed at the local Health Care Death Panel Factory.  

But in our esteemed experience, political discussions are far more likely than any other discussion here (save for Nate v. Kevin, which is hopefully over) to turn into a nasty situation.  Which is why we keep a bit of a tight leash on them.  I wanted to take a moment to remind you of the most important power any of us have: inanity.  

Hilarity is the most powerful force in the world.  It can stop the most earnest person from caring about stuff.  So, the next time somebody comes in throwing around their political views that are so different from yours, instead of getting into a big "to do" that nobody cares about it, maybe just keep them at bay with some well-timed hilarity.  

I've c+ped an IM conversation with a friend of mine who tried to start a really extreme political conversation. Now, in this instance, it was like shooting fish in that barrell of monkeys over there.  I don't know why anybody put fish into said monkey barrell.  I guess people thought monkeys like fish or something, I dunno.  But it does make the fish easy to shoot.    But I think the overarching point here is clear.

Why have an "internet argument" when you can have the creation of hilarity?  Riddle me that!

friend: yo

4:28 PM me: you feeling extra crazy today?  

friend: do you find it ironic that liberal left wing hollywood is one of the most ruthlessly competitive industries in the world?  

me: or just your normal level of crazy   I'll take that as EXTRA!  

friend: answer the question  

me: I don't find it ironic at all   because liberal left wingesr   are ruthlessly competitive  

friend: no they're not   they believe in socialism

4:29 PM me: ruthlessly competitive socialism!  

friend: that's an oxymoron  

me: your an oxymoran!  

friend: haha shut up  

me: I'll only shut up if you come to my town hall and scream me down   will you?   will you come to my town hall and scream longingly at me?   I'd so very much love it

4:30 PM friend: hmmm   tempting   remember that guy who sreamed at mccain's town hall?   he was like  


4:31 PM And thanks to my screaming, noted Kenyan citizen Barack Hussein Muhhammed, Ibn Battuta Hitlerollini Obama won the election!  

friend: “When you have an Obama, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and the rest of the hooligans up there going to run this country, we have got to have our head examined. It’s time that you two are representing us, and we are mad. So, go get them,”   that's what he said

4:32 PM me: I remember it like ti was yesterday  

friend: remember that time at the house "fraternity brother" took "future Mrs. TnH'"s underwear and put it on the lights?   from the laundry room?   you screamed                   

me:  This.  Conversation.  Is.  Over. 

So, you see, it is not so difficult to just mock those whose views you disagree with.  And then EVERYBODY goes home happy!

Best is 4th on ESPN Heisman list:

BERKELEY - California junior running back Jahvid Best was listed fourth among Heisman hopefuls in an Experts Poll published Wednesday. The panel determining the poll consists of analysts, former players, former coaches and's college football staff.

Quarterbacks Tim Tebow (Florida), Colt McCoy (Texas) and Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) took the top three spots in the poll.

Best was followed in the poll by nine other players that received votes to finish among the first five in the Heisman race - safety Eric Berry (Tennessee), wide receiver Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State), quarterback Jevan Snead (Mississippi), quarterback (Daryll Clark (Penn State), running back Jonathan Dwyer (Georgia Tech), safety Taylor Mays (USC), quarterback Terrelle Pryor (quarterback), defensive end Jerry Hughes (TCU) and Rolando McClain (Alabama). poll voter Bruce Feldman also selected Best fourth and called him "the most exciting player in college football" in an explanation of his picks.

Best is currently listed fifth on's Rank `Em: Heisman Watch 2009 that allows website visitors to select their 2009 Heisman picks vote for Jahvid here.

Cal's 2009 training camp continues through August 29 with the day's final practice followed by Fan Appreciation Day at Memorial Stadium from 12:00 - 2:00 pm, PT. All practices are closed to the public.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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