DBD 8.12.09 Heavy Hangs The Head That Wears The Seersucker Double-breasted Crown

The era of TwistNHook is over.

The era of Avinash has just begun.

For years now I have been the leader of this rag tag group of embattled inner city youngsters just trying to find a sandlot to play baseball on.  Also, blog about Cal. 

I was a true leader of men.  Whether it was inspiring HydroTech to quit on several non-consecutive occasions or motivating CBKWit to post once ever 3 months or so (on a lucky quarter), I truly was a grand man.  Like some sort of modern day Michael Corleone, the greatest of the great came to pay fealty to my ever-burgeoning empire.  Like some sort of modern day Howard Hughes, my unimaginable power and wealth was eclipsed by my eccentricities.  And like a modern day Shaq, I worked as a volunteer sheriff for a small Florida town in my spare time.

I exercised my power judiciously as are the actions of the wise man. Great became my reputation and I quickly had access and control over every facet of life. 

But like every other physics experiment, I sucked at it.  Moreover, what went up had to come down.  And now, my ruination is complete.  I brought Avi on to help.  I raised him like my own son, allowing him to suckle at my man-teat.  I taught him everything he knows about HONKING and NAILING IT!  A trusted lieutenant I never thought he, HE, would supplant me in the palace coup.

But then ever so gently, it happened.  Before, when people contacted us, they asked for Twist.  They wanted me to lay my powerful gaze upon them.  Now, well, now, that's no longer the case.  When people come to us they want Avi.  They ask for Avi. THEY DEMAND AVI!

And, at first, I thought we could co-exist.  When the Pac10 people asked for him regarding attendance, I said "Lo, this is not unreasonable for many a man would want Avi to attend their media day."

But, then, the hammer fell.  For when danzig used a carrier pigeon to send a message to a friend who made a pay phone call to another friend who set up a fake email account in an off-shore island and then emailed another person to message us regarding danzig's intent to do a DBD on martial arts, well, that, that was just over.  When people are asking for Avi about the DBD (THE DBD, THAT'S MY BABY!  THAT'S MY BABY!) then I truly have been overthrown. 

Now all I have are my 72 virgins and my vassal slaves of the northwest.  I will be coming to you soon, CGB North.  Increase your oar productivity to appease me!  For I have nothing now.  Avi has taken it all. 

Good luck Avi, running this ship.  I look forward to your inane DBDs about inanely inane topics.  Like how powerful I once was. Try to keep Hydro from quitting.  It was, perhaps, my only accomplishment.

Do not forget me, rest of CGB readership.  I know that my reign will be one hotly discussed by historians in the coming years.  Great Marshawnthusiast?  Or the Greatest Marshawnthusiast?  That's a question I'll leave for those historians.

The era of TwistNHook is over.

The era of Avinash has just begun.

Pads on!

BERKELEY - The California football squad put on full pads for the first time during 2009 training camp and went through an intense workout on Tuesday at Memorial Stadium.

"The first day in pads was good," said Tedford. "There was a lot of energy. We have a long ways to go, but it was nice to see how hard they are working and how anxious they are to get better."

After going through a series of individual position drills under a warm sun during the early portion of practice, the Golden Bears moved on to 7-on-7 competition. The team's fifth practice of camp ended with an extended team session of 11-on-11 work under the fading sunlight and with a chill in the air.

The final session was highlighted offensively by a long completion from Brock Mansion to Jeremy Ross, while the defensive highlight was Syd'Quan Thompson's pick of a Mansion throw.

Both Mansion and Kevin Riley took snaps at quarterback with the first unit. Work in the red zone ended the team session with Mansion hitting Ross and Will Kapp on back-to-back plays for touchdowns, before Peter Geurts punched in a short run for a third score in as many plays.

Cal's 2009 training camp continues through August 29 with the day's final practice followed by Fan Appreciation Day at Memorial Stadium from 12:00 - 2:00 pm, PT. All practices are closed to the public.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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