OPEN THREAD Questions for Jahvid Best Okanes Interview Today!

Let's use this as an open thread for the interview.

Today, CoCoTimes dude Jon Okanes will have a live interview with Jahvid Best.  To best get solid questions from us across, we first had a brain storming session, put together by Berklium97.

The event is currently scheduled for tomorrow, June 25th from 1:30pm to 2:30 pm. 

Berk has collated the questions and ordered them by recs.  I will list them below.  Please, select a question or questions you would like to ask.  First come, first serve.  Make 100% sure you can actually be there tomorrow at 1:30 before claiming a question and taking it away from somebody else who might want to ask it.  You can claim multiple questions, but don't be unreasonable.  Start with the questions with the most recs and work your way down.  As questions get selected, I'll try to edit in the name of the selector by the question.


6 recs:
What do you hear when you’re running with the ball in the open field? The fans? The opposing players and crashing pads? Your own heavy breathing? The Benny Hill soundtrack? Joe Starkey? Nothing but silence and your own voice inside your head?
5 recs:
Do you miss being gunner? If Cal nailing the opponent deep in their zone with a Brian Anger punt means Cal goes to the Rose Bowl, do you beg Tedford to put you in as gunner?
Do you or your teammates read any of the Cal fan sites/blogs? Which one(s)?
How else would you like to see yourself utilized in the passing game? We’ve seen you receive screens but rarely ever release and go down the field for passes. Is this something that you feel like you can do and would like to do?
4 recs:
What is the best part of having Tedford as a coach? The worst?
We’ve seen Tedford draw up plays where the runningback passes the ball. Shane Vereen has been the runningback on all those plays and you have not. Does this frustrate or disappoint you? Can you throw a football? Can you throw a football better than Shane Vereen?
Former Cal runningback Marshawn Lynch’s weakness going into the draft was supposedly his pass blocking skills. Do you feel your pass blocking skills are up to par? Are you afraid that people are going to see you as more of a scat back and a player of limited versatility because you’re better with the ball in your hands than without?
3 recs:
Was DeSean upset when you plowed over him en route to a 64-yard touchdown against Colorado State in 2007?
What is the best part about being at Cal, other than football? What is the worst?
Who is the best defensive player you've played against in the Pac-10?
Do you prefer to run behind zone blocking or man blocking? If man blocking, is there a certain blocking scheme that you prefer (such as a pulling backside guards, or tosses with pulling  playside offensive tackles such as in the Emerald Bowl)?
Why do you ever look behind you during a TD run? No one's gonna catch you
2 recs:
How's your knee?
How do you think you will be with Alex Mack and Will Ta'fou'ou gone? Do any of the other fullbacks stand out to you?
We all know you're the best running back out there. But who's the best running back on the team after you?
Do the comparisons to Reggie Bush inspire you or do they make you feel like expectations out of you are too high?
Do you ever speak to Quizz Rodgers, C.J. Gable/Stafon Johnson/etc., Kendall Hunter, or any of the other elite running backs in the country? If so, what do you all talk about?
Outside of football, what have you enjoyed most about your Cal experience?
How did it feel to miss the track season? Seeing the 100 times at the NCAAs, how do you think you would’ve stacked up if you were healthy?
Were you disappointed to have come out of the Washington game in the 3rd Q? If memory serves, I think you needed only 47 more yards to break the Pac-10 single game rushing record.
Of the MANY signature plays you've had in your career, which is your favorite? Mine is the end around vs. Fucla last year. The move you put on that dude was sick.
1 rec:
Can you get a new 100 time to make people who say you are only the 6th fastest player in the nation shove it?
[Show him Danzig's reel] What do you think?
What do you think you need to work on to become a better running back?
What adjustments to your training regimen have you made in light of your surgeries and do you anticipate making to prevent the chance of future injuries?
Other than you, who's the hardest worker on the team?
Which defenses (besides USC) have you found the most challenging to play against?
What is your Favorite Berkeley restaurant?
Do you have any plans for life after football?
Are you a Niners or a Raiders fan?
All Cal fans wish you the best, and we’d love to have you for another year, but what is the likelihood you return for your senior season?

So, there you go.  Hopefully, we can all work together to get some solid questions in there and keep AaronRodgers4President from beating us out.  Also, please try to have reasonably normal names instead of the usual inanity.  Let's try to be REASONABLY professional here.  kinda.  Sort of.  GO BEARS!

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