DBD 06.24.09 Cal's Odds are 45:1




So I found myself in Vegas this last weekend.  Not really sure how I got there.  The whole ride there was sort of blurry and I woke up in the trunk of a car at the Bellagio valet. 

Not too long ago Fever put down bets on the Eagles, Cal, and the Nets (i think) to bring home the hardware this upcoming season (he said he should have parlayed those bets I think he should have too).  I figured I ought to do something of the same.

So I meandered my way around the strip in the 100 degree weather, and stumbled upon the sportsbook. 

I checked the odds for the BCS.

The top three in order were:

1. Florida 3:1

2. Texas (don't remember the odds)

3. USC (don't remember the odds).



I forgot what number Cal was on the list, but our odds had gone up (more likely to win) from the opening odds.  I think we were like 60:1 at first, but now... we're at 45:1.

Here's a picture of my winning ticket with the sensitive information blocked out:


Yeah, that's right.  I did it.  If you really can't read the image above it says:

$20 straight bet.  Odds to win 2010 BCS Champ.  3022 (bet #) California.  45/1.  Win $900 to pay $920.


Ohio State was #4 I think, then Oklahoma or something.  I should have just brought the odds sheet home.



Rollonubears was flagged for:

Flagged for being alive;



SpazzyMcGee was flagged for:

flagged for being flagged by Rishi;
flagged for not liking Lagaan, best movie ever. Slut.



HydroTech was flagged for:

We should play a game where if you say the word flag you get flagged. That isn't the worst idea evair.

being realistic when all we want is entertainment. damn you, i want entertainment. it took you two months to read my last legitimate flag, you're telling me there hasn't been anything new or funny since then?

flagged for posting flags of spam. it's just as bad. you're letting the terrorists win.



Flagged for having a silly name.


Rags was flagged for:

flagged for saying 'flag' three times in one post



In response to Bearstage asking if people actually flag posts when they say "flagged," and how he/she doesn't flag despite saying "flagged," Bearstage was flagged for:

Flagged for saying "flagged for…" without actually flagging. How many times do we have to go over this people?



TwistNHook was flagged for:

He had it coming.

I will judge you and you can't stop it.

this poster gremlin is getting all uppity about keeping the inanity of DBDs and now he has the CO JONES to try and green up the legit posts? WELL SLAP MY BALLS AND CALL ME SALLY.

Am I weird for never seeing A Troll in Central Park? I mean, I know what the movie is, but it's come up in conversation twice in the past week and people look at me like I haven't seen the Godfather. It's just strange...

Flagged for being a jerk to people unfamiliar with SBN. Like you've never had a reply fail.

I'm a puppet.

INAPPROPRIATE! Rec'd cannot lost to Dumpster Muffin. I demand a rigged election!

crass and vulgar. funny, but crass and vulgar.


Flagged for Ted Strickland reference. Not that I have anything against Ted Strickland, but it just seemed like something that should be flagged.

Do me a favor and mill my eyes out with a spoon.

Your inability to understand the lowering-the-bar joke means we have to lower the bar even further in an attempt to humor you, great master. You have brought this upon yourself. Do not force us to resort to honk jokes and nailed-its.

you sick fuck

There are only 2 acceptable ways to spell the name of "that school": 1. Stanfurd 2. stanfurd (preferred, as they are unworthy of capitalization) GET IT RIGHT!



Rated-R Superstar was flagged for:




Holmoephobe was flagged for:

[reason deleted by hydrotech]




AERose was flagged for:

Thou shalt not disgrace In N Out. Bak Bak will strike upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to slander and demean those burgers.




Carp was flagged for:

Twist is not funny ever. Especially right then.

Our eyes met across the crowded flag brothel. I, a customer, and her, a flag whore. So I pursued, and she withdrew, and she pursued and I withdrew. And so we danced. And I burned for her... ...Much like the burning during urination I would experience soon thereafter.




Chowder was flagged for:

That bizarre humanoid toad ain't got nothin' on real toads. Chowder has been licking some psychedelic hypnotoads if he thinks Toadman is better than real toads.

toadfails cannot be rec'd. I read that somewhere in SBNation's terms of service. Trust me.



Note from HydroTech:

(1) There were a few really funny ones, but the reason why they were funny was because they were vulgar and potentially offensive despite being just for fun, therefore, just to be safe they weren't posted above. 

(2) I only post the not-serious flags.  We at the CGB do take flagging seriously so we will never post REAL flags that are legitimately complaining about something.  Thus don't be afraid to use the flag feature to give us legitmate flag feedback.  If, on the other hand, you use the flag feature to joke around and send us funny little messages that only the mods can see, well, we might post those here and there.

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