Hall of Fame Round of 64: Pappy Waldorf Bracket, Part I

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This post's matchups: Jeff Tedford vs Angie Pressey, Joe Roth vs Robert Jordan



We kick things off with the top half of the Pappy Waldorf bracket; top two matchups get posted this morning, bottom two this afternoon. Polls for these matchups close next Thursday, June 25 at midnight. The athlete matchups are above, the athlete descriptions and polls are after the jump. Please read, vote, and debate in the comments!

#1 Jeff Tedford vs #16 Angie Pressey


via bleacherreport.com

It'd be hard to find Cal fans who didn't have a positive opinion of Jeff Tedford.

Ohio Bear: He has done an unbelievable job. If you followed Cal football in the 1980s and 1990s through the Holmoecaust, you know what I’m talking about. Perhaps something I read a long time ago on a Michigan blog said it best (and I’m paraphrasing): before Tedford, Cal was the Indiana of the Pac-10 in football.


Beast Mode: 

59-30 Overall
5-1 Bowl Games
6-1 Against Stanfurd
1 Co-Conference Championship
Pac-10 COY

For people who might want more background on one of Cal's finest coaches, check out this widely circulated Gameday profile from 2004.


Hey guys, CBKWit here.  Avinash wanted somebody to write a few personal memoirs of Coach Tedford and since I've spent more time on that Penguins blog than my own Cal blogs, I figured I'd try to step in here.  I remember Coach Tedford from a vacation we spent in Turks and Caicos.  We spent long days sunning ourselves on the beach.  I would read him a quote from a Oscar Wilde book and we would laugh, oh how we would laugh.  At night, we would dress ourselves in the finest velour jumpsuits for a night out on the town.  Man, he crushed so much talent that summer.  It was just a few weeks, but man, it seemed to last a lifetime.  I'll never forget Coach Tedford, all oiled up building a sand castle on the beach, laughing about how that crazzy Dorian Gray.



Angie Pressey



via farm2.static.flickr.com

LeonPowe has these words about Angie

Took the Cal Volleyball team to the Final Four (right?) also dominated asa 5’8" OUTSIDE HITTER. She had some MAJOR HOPS, like her dad.


Danzig chimes in: 

But among the [Cal volleyball] players that I’ve seen play on TV I’d say Angie Pressy was the most impressive. She’s just a freak…such a small player jumping that high and hitting that hard was just amazing.


Not many people know this, but Angie's dad competed in that 1986 Spud Webb Dunk contest (did manage to find one clip of Paul throwing it down).

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