The 5 Teams I Most Want Cal to Play

The following is a list of the five programs I most wish Cal would schedule a home and home with.  I also stated why.

Several themes exist within my picks.  Most of the schools have a strong tradition and a large dedicated (often obnoxious) fanbase.  These games would all generate large national interest increasing exposure, earning respect, better rankings, etc.  The schools also reach beyond the West Coast resulting in fun cultural and geographic juxtapositions.

 In addition to these dominant themes, I've listed the personal reasons I would like to see these match-ups happen.


5.  Cincinnati

Okay, Cincinnati doesn't fit with the predominant themes I've just laid out, but the personal justification does carry sizable weight.  My Dad is a University of Cincinnati Alum, rarely do the UC Golden Bears and the UC Bearcats play each other in anything.  On a related note, my Dad tends to be a fair-weather fan, and since he now lives in Orange County, he follows USC.  Whenever, USC and Cal play each other, he ALWAYS roots for USC.  Not only that, but if we lose, he calls me to let me know all about it.  He then emails me to let me know all about it.  The next time I see him in person (say Thanksgiving) it is always the second thing out of his mouth.  I'm tired of hearing about it, and if Cal played Cincinnati and Cal won, I'd get to return the favor.

Also of note, I have a lot of family in and around Cincinnati.  Therefore, I have been to Cincinnati many times.  Other than the chili, I don't care for the city much.  Cincinnati is a typical rustbelt town but also borders the south.  The combination of an antiquated economic base, with southern conservatism, results in people blaming foreigners and other races for everything.  They also have a very real fear of change (or maybe its just my family).


4.  Nebraska

My Mom's best friend lived in Lincoln, as her husband was a professor.  Over Easter we would drive to go visit her.  I still have not forgiven the state of Nebraska for being as boring as it is.  All you need to know about Nebraska is its mascot: The Cornhusker.  You don't see much of anything else.


3.  Florida St.

In addition, to the obvious, I don't like Bobby Bowden.  I don't like when people linger past their expiration date.  Bowden's time has come and passed.  Worst yet, I used to respect him taking the Seminoles from nothing to something, but I believe FSU desparately needs a change to become relevant again.  Furthermore, I don't like him appealing the wins he is going to lose, for using players that cheat.  Please, for the love of everything, you are outdated move on, nobody likes you!


2.  Penn St.

See Bobby Bowden, only with a more obnoxious fanbase.  The Penn St people I know (and there are only 2), also suffer from the same tendencies as my Cincinnati family.

Another thing about the midwest, I'm tired of receiving guff for being in 'health conscious california', seriously, take a look in the mirror!  I'm not health conscious and superficial, I'm simply healthy.  You know how it looks like you ate a few basketballs, well, I know all your friends have gut as well, but people aren't actually supposed to have one.  I know, shocking.  Who knew?  What, you thought it came with time like facial hair?  Well no, people are not supposed to have guts, you are in fact 70 lbs overweight.  You have the problem, not me.


1.  Texas



Agree/Disagree?  What are your picks?


The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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