Introducing The CGB Meme Invitational


Firstly, sorry Zoo News, but your newest concoction, Stuffed Jalapenos did not make the list.  I am sorry.  If you need a hug, I'm here for you.  As always.

Secondly, yes, it is here.  After the combined efforts of Ragnarok, Maharg, and myself, we have put together a plan of ACTION for the Meme Madness.  I was the visionary, visionarying my ass off!  Maharg was the grunt, grunting his ass off!  And Ragnarok was there to make sure that somebody sane was involved in the process. 

Using all of your suggestions from the suggestions thread, we put a list together, seeded the brackets, and came up with a bracket.  Here it is!

Each division has 14 seeds, we couldn't quite get to 64 total.  But 14 each ain't bad!  It just means that the #1 and #2 seeds from each division get a first round bye.  Not really a major concern, because those tend to win anyway.  Here are the #1 seeds in no particular order:

ATQ Invasion

Bak Bak

Brock Mansion Party Yacht


Check the bracket link for the rest of the seeding.

So, this is how we envision the process going.  And don't worry, we consulted with Ragnarok on every step of the way here, because, again, we wanted to make sure somebody with common sense was involved. 

We actually thought very long and hard about this part, because there are a lot of factors here.  We think this can be a fun and enjoyable experience during the LONG wintry summer off-season.  However, we also want to make sure that the legitimate content at the California Golden Blogs is given first shrift.  Only the best shrift for the legit content!  We understand that there are some people put off by the over-abundance of inanity and want to ensure that there is a reasonable balance, so that all can enjoy this blog.

So, we feel that for at least the first 2 rounds (and probably the 3rd after that), they will be posted only on the weekends.  The weekends are low traffic times during this time period and we usually don't put anything of high value during that time period. 

We'll put them up as stories and not fanposts, because if they are fanposts, theyll absolutely dominate the fanposts section.  As front page stories, we can keep the intro body very, very, very, very, VERY short with most of the text under the fold.  That way they won't push the previous weeks content down much.

And by taking care of the weekends, thats an extra post of legit stuff we can save for the weekdays.  Over the course of a month, thats almost a weeks worth of extra material saved, which given the dry period is a very huge difference!

So, this is win-win-win-win-win.

There are 24 matchups in the first round, so it'd be 4 weekends of 6 matchups each.  3 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday.  Then, for the second round, 4 weekends of 4 matchups each for the next round. 

The key here is that we'll leave the polling open until the following Friday.  And link liberally in the DBD.  So, when the weekend inanity gets quickly pushed down by legitimate posts, they'll still be a)open for voting and b)easily accessible for discussion.

And for those concerned that it will push the previous weeks posts down, that is certainly something that we've encountered here before due to open game day threads during the football season or during march madness.  To combat this, I will personally link to the posts of the week before (or at the very least the tail end of the week) in the Monday post, so that nothing is lost.

We've tried to find the least intrusive manner to accommodate all parties and we believe that this is it.

So, what's the next step?  Well, the drafting of the posts.  Here's the list of memes.  Maharg, Ragnarok, and myself have selected ones that we feel we'd love to write up.  It's just gonna be a paragraph or two about where it came from, how its used, what it means, maybe a link to its usage or the original usage or even a jpeg of some sort. 

If somebody really really really really really REALLY wants to write one up, post it below and we can discuss it.  I have also put suggestions as to who I think would be good for writing one up.  Before you say I took all the good ones, I took ones that I either created, are about me specifically, or the Pics Or It Doesnt Exist, because I have an idea for that one.  Or the Rishi ones, because the truth must be told!

When the time comes and you have written your dealie up, just email it to me (TwistNHook at gmail dot com) and I'll put the info into the post!  This should be a fun way to spend the summer without overloading the legitimate content at all. 

Also, Rishi, you aren't allowed to write a single one.  You might think that's harsh, but that's only because you aren't anybody who isn't you.  I say this, because I love you. 

If I left it blank next to somebody, thats just because I couldnt think of anybody good.  Its wide open people!


Danzig - Maharg
CBKWit's Recruiting Post - ragnarok
Twist evicting old ladies. - TwistNHook
Rishi likes friends, LOL - Maharg
Anguish ape (zoonews photoshop) - TwistNHook
Carp's Armored Dog - carp or Yellow Fever
CaliSeth/Olsonist loving Riley - Olsonist or CaliSeth

Marshawnthusiasts loving Longshore - HydroTech
Rags fucked a dolphin - Maharg
Leon Powe actually being the real Leon Powe - ragnarok
The The Maharg (he’s his own meme)
33SS being an epically lovable dick - T-Bred or DBall

Hydro Punching Twist in the face - ragnarok
UC Eugene (ATQ Invasion) - TwistNHook
Bombarding Okanes. (Dino Names) - TwistNHook
Big Lebowski debates - CBKWit or OakTownMario
CougCenter week - ZooNews

Syd On offense - ragnarok
I want [name of poster] to do the DBD from now on. - ragnarok
Dice Wars (flash games) - Avinash
Games for our theme weeks (Truth or ____) - ragnarok
Diante Jackson - Avinash or T-Bred
Carp's NSFW Pictures - ragnarok
replacing the J with a Y (eg Yets, Yokanes, Yump, etc) - ragnarok
Twist is whipped, ROFL - TwistNHook
Edit Button - ragnarok
Pradesh A+M. - Royrules or HolmoePhobe
praise be bak bak -
Dumpster Muffin - ragnarok
Dorrells mustache - TwistNHook
Chunged - TwistNHook
Stegosaurus - TwistNHook
Pain Train (Toot Toot)
rec'd - ragnarok
SydBoner - CBKWit
Freida Pinto - Maharg
HIMYM - Maharg
[meme deleted by Marshawnthusiast] - ragnarok
Hattin' - TwistNHook
TuckNJersey - Maharg
Existential Pics or it doesn't exist [or any variation of this] - TwistNHook
I declare you Sanchez - Maharg
Totes/Toads (with pics) - TwistNHook
Honk - TwistNHook
Got the Nyan in you - DBall
This Is Watercube - ragnarok
Nailed it! - TwistNHook
CGB: That should be a tagline - ragnarok
What's that ___ word? - ragnarok
This. - Maharg
How does this relate to the A-11 offense? - TwistNHook
I think the Giants did that last year - TwistNHook
Somebody’s Bitter! - TwistNHook
It's a trap (Akbar) - Maharg
Mrs [name of poster, most often Twist], is that you? - ragnarok


So, let's get crackilackin people!  We can start this in May, that'll be essentially the first round.  Then, the second round in June.  And finishing it off in July.  But keeping it at a deliberate pace and only on the weekends, it wont overwhelm the legitimate content and allow for a reasonable balance of both the hilarious jokes and the serious legitimate stuff.  GO BEARS!

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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