Pac-10 OOC Projections

I'm bored at work, as in REALLY bored at work.  Furthermore, I have a head cold which is plugging my ears so everything in the office is quiet.  Therefore, I am very much introverted and isolated today.  Did I also mention I am REALLY bored at work?  Well, this translates into me predicting the outcome for every Pac-10 OOC game.  For each game I rated it as either: Definite Win, Probable Win, 50/50, Probable Lose, Definite Loss.  These are guesses based primarily on nothing more than a hunch.  Let me know if you agree, disagree, wish I would keep my thoughts to myself.

In Alphabetical Order: (Wins - Losses - 50/50)


ARIZONA: (2-0-1)

Cental Michigan - Probable Win

Northern Arizona - Definite Win

At Iowa - 50/50

Arizona has the easiest schedule, and I really don't know what to think of their team this coming year.  They are a spread offense that lost their 4 year starting qb and top receiver, if the passing game doesn't come together I think their entire team falls apart.


ARIZONA ST: (2-1-0)

Idaho St. - Definite Win

Louisiana-Monroe - Definite Win

At Georgia - Definite Loss

Arizona State's schedule was the easiest to predict.  Two pathetic opponents, and an away game against a traditional SEC power.


Cal: (3-0-0)

Maryland - Probable Win

Eastern Washington - Definite Win

At Minnesota - Probable Win

Of all the Pac-10 teams I think Cal is the most likely to run the OOC table.  Maryland has their running back Scott coming back, but lost some senior experience.  I think revenge alone would have us win this game.  At Minnesota could be a bit of a trap, but Minnesota had both a 7 game winning streak and 6 game losing streak in the same season, I have a hunch they played a weak schedule allowing them to win those 7 games.


Oregon: (2-0-1)

At Boise St. - 50/50

Purdue - Definite Win

Utah - Probable Win

With two games against the elite of the non-BCS teams Oregon's most likely victory comes against a BCS conference team.


Oregon St: (2-0-1)

Portland St - Definite Win

At UNLV - Definite Win

Cincinnati - 50/50

I'm ignoring Oregon State's recent September outcomes, and believing they will start the season ready.  Plus, Portland St. and UNLV should be good tune-ups before Cincinnati who I thought overachieved in a weak conference last year.


Stanford: (1-1-1)

At Wake Forest - Probable Loss

San Jose St - Definite Win

Notre Dame - 50/50

I really don't know what Wake Forest is going to be like next year, but a cross-country trip to the hot and muggy Atlantic Coast spelled disaster for Cal.  I think Stanford will suffer a similar fate.


UCLA: (1-1-1)

San Diego St - Definite Win

At Tennessee - Probable Loss

Kansas St - 50/50

I'm curious to see how another Pac-10 does in Neyland Stadium, will they get smacked around as horribly as we were?


USC: (2-0-1)

San Jose St - Definite Win

At Ohio St - 50/50

At Notre Dame - Probable Win

I think both Ohio St. and USC were stronger last year, and that the Trojans were lucky to play Ohio St. when they did (Wells out, and Pryor not yet starting), but I'm probably not giving the Trojans enough respect as they don't seem to lose big games.


Washington: (1-2-0)

LSU - Definite Loss

Idaho - Probable Win

At Notre Dame - Probable Loss

Why did they schedule LSU again?  They knew they were going to be bad, and we should assume at least one Pac-10 black-eye this season.


Washinton St: (1-1-1)

Hawaii - 50/50

SMU - Probable Win

At Notre Dame - Definite Loss

What is with Notre Dame?  Four Pac-10 teams?  I know its tradition to play USC and Stanford, but what's with the Washington schools?  Picking on the little guys.


Totals: (17-6-7)

According to my guesses the Pac-10 should end up somewhere between 24-6 and 17-13.  This is an improvement over last season, and I would guess we'd need at least 20 OOC wins for the conference to win two BCS berths.  Looking at the schedule I would guess that Cincinnati, Boise St., and Stanford - Notre Dame are the most important games for the conference.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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