DBD 4.21.09 The draft is approaching...

As a Niner fan, I'm starting to hate the draft.  First, we got stuck with the No 1 pick (which no one wanted).  Then it was the No 6 pick (no one wanted), and now it's the No 10 pick that no one wants because it comes with a big increase in salary and there's value to be had in 11-20.  WHEN WILL IT BE OUR YEAR?

carp's official bust watch list:

Stafford - Sounds like a cross between Druckenmiller and Longshore

Crabtree - To me, it seems like he had one big catch.  Not sure he oozes with All-Pro potential.

Maclin - Too early (Top 10-15) for a guy like him.

Orakpo - Tweener from a suspect conference and a team with a rich history of draft busts.

Raji - I'm leary of guys who had one or two great weeks (Senior Bowl), plus he's from a meh school in the ACC and the Niners have many of that type on their roster.

carp's official please do this list:

Draft any player from the SEC that's been floating around except Moreno.  I really like the NT from Mississipi (Peria?).

Work out a deal to trade Sanchez or the No 10 pick for many picks.


onto the news & world report:

All links SF Gate unless otherwise noted.

check out the new Aptera.

record high's expected today.  It was 93 in SF yesterday!

For the first time in history, a majority of Californian's are born & raised in the Golden State.  TAKE THAT RED SOCK TRANSPLANTS!

Two siblings busted for stealing $140k from Wells Fargo.

Scientists discover an earth-sized planet outside of our solar system.

Judge recused in Cantu's case.

Obama's reaching out to enemies to strengthen US.


President Barack Obama said Sunday that he "strengthens our hand" by reaching out to enemies of the United States and making sure that the nation is a leader, not a lecturer, of democracy.


Rare 1906 earthquake photos.

Filmmaker Ken Burns is in SF for his special on parks.

Latin food goes upscale.

Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) is in trouble (NYT).

Friends help you live longer (NYT).

Check out Margic Bank Profits (The Big Picture).


Could Holliday be playing his way into Oakland's price range?

Maiocco's got the latest with the Niners draft possibilities (SR Press Democrat)Another solid post at NN on drafting strategies (NinersNation).

The Sharks are in a must win situation.

The New New Yankee Stadium might be too ritzy.

Wilner on QB's (Merc):

The bar isn’t particularly high for either team. The Cardinal doesn’t need Luck to be Trent Edwards, and the Bears don’t need Riley to be Aaron Rodgers.

They simply need the starter to complete 60 percent of his passes, limit mistakes (especially in the fourth quarter and in the red zone) and make sound decisions.

And if that happens, both programs can reach their respective goals: Stanford can make its first bowl appearance in eight years and Cal can make its first Rose Bowl appearance in 51.

Because in Berkeley and on The Farm, the other pieces are in place.

Both teams have veteran offensive lines, depth along the defensive front, playmakers at the skill positions and favorable schedules: Stanford plays seven home games while Cal gets USC in Berkeley.

“Everyone believes we can be Pac-10 champs,’’ Riley said after Saturday’s controlled scrimmage. “We have the running game. We just have to work on the passing game.’’


Bears with Fangs:

Briefly Met up with Ragnarok and TwistnHook from the California Golden Blogs. I must say, they are almost exactly how I imagined them to be. They really talk exactly like they blog. It certainly makes for a pretty surreal experience.



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