NBA Playoffs Open Thread: Round 1

Unlike CBKWit's silly NHL thread, there are actual Golden Bears playing in this year's NBA dance. We know one of them very well.



Leon Powe is now the man in Boston. If the Celtics are going to have a chance to defend their crown, with KG out, it's clear the Powe Show is going to have to step up. Powe seems to be ready though and knows it wouldn't be smart to play outside his capacities.


"No, man," Powe said. "That’s the wrong question. We can come up with points and rebounds and some blocked shots, but the main thing is playing together and getting it done on the defensive end. I mean, me and Baby, we’re going to score some points. That’s point-blank. But we’ve got to be able to get it done on the defensive end and make sure we’re playing as a unit and getting everyone involved."

Powe used history to support his assertions.

"You look at who we’ve got to play," he said. "We’ve beaten those teams before, with or without Kevin. We’ve just got to go do it.

"I know the regular season is the regular season. It’s different. But we’ve had different guys out all year and we still kept winning. We beat Cleveland here, and that’s because everybody played well. Everybody did their role. Everybody was moving the ball. No one was trying to do it by himself. I think that’s what we’ve got to do now. We’ve got to play as a unit."


Chicago at Boston, Game 1 tipoff at 12:30 PM EST, 9:30 AM EST!

In other news, and the best point guard Cal has ever had (and the supposed heart of the current Dallas team) is facing off against the Spurs. Should be fun to watch Tony Parker zip past him over and over again. Kidd's at another point in his career, but he could have a few last gasps left in him, especially with the players

Finally, Sean Marks of the Hornets (yeah, I didn't know he played for Cal either). He's a Kiwi (and he managed to get a Poly Sci degree at Cal, making him just as valuable as Twist)! With Tyson Chandler hobbling he'll be trying to handle the Brazilian blur Nene in the low block. But he is essentially there to eat up minutes; that Hornets team is thin. 

Players to root against

Bruins: Jordan Farmar (he is in an awful slump going into the Playoffs, which is sheer delight to bitter Cal fans everywhere) & Trevor Ariza (could be the big difference for the Lakers winning a title, since he'll probably be drawing the meaty defensive assignments) for the Lakers, Arron Afflalo of the Pistons (dead meat against Cleveland), & Ryan Hollins of the Mavs (most famous for calling out Kobe in a real head-scratcher; Bruins will be Bruins).

Furd: Brevin Knight & Jarron Collins of the Jazz. And you thought being a Cardinal pays. Poor dudes are stuck in Mormonland 8 months of the year. At least they'll be able to jet out of there after the Lakers total them in the first round.

Trojan: Gabe Pruitt of the Celtics. Meh. Anyone have any memories of these guys? Only one I remember specifically is Farmar.

For those who haven't followed the NBA closely, series to watch out for (starting with the most compelling)

Houston-Portland: This is going to be a fun, fun series. Either those lunatic Blazer fans get a shot at the Lakers in a throwback series of hate, or Yao finally becomes the People's Champ and gets to the second round (and T-Mac's depressing storyline comes full circle).

Miami-Atlanta: Ditto. Should expect the league to pull a 'D-Wade shoots 40 free throws in Game 6' to set up a dream LeBron-Wade semis.

Celtics-Bulls: Because of the Powe show, plus Rondo versus Rose equals hottttttnesss. 

Mavs-Spurs: For anyone who appreciates hoops, this could be the end of the Spurs as we know them. Duncan is not the same, Ginobili will not be the same when he comes back next year. This could be their Alamo.

Nuggets-Hornets: I have no earthly idea what will happen in this series. Should be a blast.

This is for discussion of the first round of the NBA playoffs. Please add your non-expert ramblings and just talk hoops as we're watching them!

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