DBD 4/15: It's Tax Day!

Get 'em people...or file an extension like my father in law does since he thinks it keeps the IRS off his trail.  Yahoo has the scoop.

onto the News & World Report (all links SF Gate unless otherwise noted):


A US food aid ship escapes the wrath of pirates (Yahoo).  Ron Paul has a plan (Politico).  The French of all people detained 11 pirates.

Odds & Ends:

San Mateo bridge reopens after wind-related incidents.

SF sup Mirakami likes to smoke weed.

3 Oakland cops in hot water over Bailey probe.



Great recession article.  US will reveal the health of banks (NY Times).  We've got some activity (The Big Picture)...


A's win in extras!!!  I love taking it to the Red Sox.  Both teams will wear # 42 today to honor Jackie Robinson.  A's raise $130k for slain OPD officers (CBS5).

Randy Winn does it all but hits HRs.

Canfield passes Moevao (ESPN)

Nick Holt Q/A (ESPN)

YO on practice:


While Jones has been Cal’s top receiver this spring, another wideout who has looked solid is Alex Lagemann. He definitely looks as though he will be in the mix to compete for playing time this fall. Lagemann has demonstrated excellent hands and good route-running ability, and has continually made plays during the spring. He is consistently getting open, and then producing when balls are coming his way.

"He’s doing a real nice job," Tedford said. "He’s giving great effort. He’s playing fast. He’s getting much more comfortable and making some really nice plays, some really nice catches."

Lagemann was considered one of the nation’s top wide receiver recruits when he came to Cal in 2007, but a broken foot, and some complications that followed, essentially sidelined him for two years. He spent an entire year getting healthy and then spent last season on the scout team.

"I always thought coming out of high school that he had that potential," Tedford said. "It was frustrating for awhile because it was a situation where he couldn’t run and it lingered on so long. It’s nice to see him back healthy."

I talked to Lagemann tonight after practice. Look for more on him later in the week.


YO on Snyder:

Deputy sports editor Mike Lefkow here, with a few thoughts about former Cal football coach Bruce Snyder, whom I covered as the beat writer in his first season in 1987: 

You could sense right away Snyder would turn around the program. He might not have bled blue and gold — he went to Oregon — but you had the feeling he would please those who did. By the time of Snyder’s tumultuous departure following the 1991 season, Cal was ranked No. 8 in the country and resembled the teams Jeff Tedford has now. Fast. Aggressive. Tough. Swagger.   What Snyder accomplished in five short years in Berkeley should rank him among the greatest coaches ever at Cal. He took the Bears to their first New Year’s Day bowl in 32 years. Cal’s 37-13 Citrus Bowl win over Clemson on that day — Jan. 1, 1992 – was its first on New Year’s Day in 54 years.   In 1990, it was Snyder’s Bears who ended an 18-game losing streak against UCLA, which may have been just as satisfying for Cal fans. OK, the Bears were 1-17 against the Bruins in that stretch from 1972-89, but the one was a forfeit in 1977 when the Bruins used an ineligible player. On the field, Cal lost that game 21-19. Remarkably, that was one of only four times Cal lost to UCLA by less than 14 points during that stretch.   Tuesday at lunch, my boss and I were discussing coaches or managers we had learned from while we had been on a beat. I brought up a conversation with Snyder, when he made it a point to tell me how important it was to define your "home-run hitters" and make sure you keep the ball in their hands. Perhaps not very profound. Perhaps pretty obvious. But you know how certain points stand out years after they have been made? It was how emphatically he said it.      I could go on longer about Snyder. He was a good coach and I genuinely liked the guy. When he left Cal, I always thought the school deserved the 10 years of darkness it had in football until Tedford arrived. Perhaps Snyder could have handled his departure better, but let’s not misplace the blame. Or one man’s opinion that Cal would have been to a Rose Bowl by now. 



Wilner on Cal hoops:

But I think Cal make a significant advance. While it may or may not show up in its record, it could show up in March.

* First, Christopher has not reached his potential. He can be the kind of playmaker who takes the pressure off Randle and beats No. 10 seeds in the first round.

* Second, both Seeley and Amoke could provide scoring options the Bears did not possess this season, especially in the lane and along the baseline.

They don’t need to become consistent 15 ppg scorers — just good enough to provide an important basket here and there as compliments to the Big Three on the perimeter

* Third, given Montgomery’s history with big men, you have to think he’ll make the 7-foot-3 Zhang into a serviceable player. And when you’re talking about 7-3, serviceable is more than enough.

* Fourth, the Bears could very well be much better on a relative scale because the Pac-10, as a whole, could be much worse.

With the top-five scorers returning from a team that finished third (and swept league champ Washington), the Bears could be the preseason favorite, especially if UCLA’s Jrue Holiday stays in the draft.

And if the Bears are two or three games better, relative to their conference peers, that could translate into a better seed in the NCAAs and a better chance to reach the second round/Sweet 16.

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