3.31.09: This DBD is for you, Lurkers!

To those of you who watch but don't comment, this DBD is for you.  How to participate in the DBD:

- Post a Cal sports-related link.

- Post a Cal non sports-related link.

- Post a sports-related link that is either important to any sports fan, Bay Area sports fans, or is vaguely Cal-related (i.e., TO signs with Marshawn's Bills).

- Post a non-sports related link that is of importance to the community as a whole (i.e., women stole someone's identity to get a $10,000 boob job).

- Post a link to something funny.

You can preface your link with a little blurb like "Hey, I'm new here...take it easy on me Spazzy / 33SS."


carp's news & world report:

Conficker worm...myth or reality?  I remember Y2K...

NYT on GM/Chrysler & US Gov't

NYT Op/Ed piece on GM

GM stands for???

Colleges accepting wealthier students (parents)?

Dellums is on thin ice

Man hits pig, gets $8.6 million...was Twist his counsel?

SF sales tax to go up to 9.5%!  I should be working pro bono soon...

UCSF researcher who tried to poison his colleague has his case dropped.

In what seems to become increasingly popular, CEO's are getting blasted for handsome salaries.

Brothel alert!

10 homeade pizza ideas

MLB group to study A's ballpark sites

A's may be on DirecTV

Juan Uribe will be on the 25 man roster for your San Francisco Giants

Maverick's can't get a big waves.

We only have 1 player (so far) in Ted Miller's Top 30 Pac 10 players (and we're at # 10)

The Chron had a real nice interview with Sandy Barbour over the weekend.


Q: Under Tedford, the football team has become a Pac-10 contender. But it has beaten USC only once and has yet to play in the Rose Bowl. What else needs to happen for the team to get to a BCS bowl?

A: What Jeff has done has been amazing. The transformation of our football program under his leadership has been absolutely phenomenal. And then to realize he's done it with not just substandard facilities but sub-sub-sub-standard facilities. I think the facility is the next piece to be able to attract the very best. That's the piece that helps us help Jeff mold us to the next level.

Q: Are you confident that when the project is done that you'll be in the hunt for a BCS bowl berth?

A: Absolutely. I think we're in the hunt for a BCS bowl in the short run. But I don't believe Jeff could sustain that without the necessary facilities. He's been able to do what he's done because of the promise of that. ... I never had any doubt it would happen. I just wondered what kind of damage would be done along the way in terms of how long it would take. Would Jeff get frustrated and leave? I never really felt that would happen because he kept telling me, "I'm committed." But if it had gone on another two years, that would have been difficult.

Q: Would you like to see a Division I football playoff system, or are you content with the BCS and the bowl structure?

A: This is going to sound strange, but I'm OK either way.

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