DBD 3.27.09 Best of CGB Results

Exit polls have been compiled for yesterday's madness (if people voted for multiple things, i divided 1 by the things they voted for). Numbers in parentheses stand for percentage of votes.

Things I've learned from  the commenters:

1) DBD is our most popular staple

2) We should win more games and celebrate them more

3) Yellow Fever needs to do more ESPN chats

4) If anyone ever says Honk again, we have the green light to flag them

5) If Hydro and Swedish Chef ran this blog for the next six months, none of you would mind. Some of you might even consider it an improvement.

6) Some of you people are really weird. Double Air-E Honk? Seriously?

Onto the results.
Best CGB Commenter (ignored people who voted for themselves): Rishi (2.2), JShufelt (1.2), Danzig (1.2), Maharg in Tucked in Banana Suit (31/30), Spazzy, CalBear81 (1/3), comptontom (1/3),  Thoroughbred (.5) Twist (0.2).  


Best CGB Regular Feature: Reveling in Victory! (1.5), Any football post by Hydro, Blogging with the Enemy, DBD (4), the detailed breakdowns of game strategies (someone half voted for reveling in victory & the DBD), Ask Yellow Fever (2), Knowing Thy Enemy (.5),  


Favorite CGB Post: Conquering AtQ (2.5), DBD 12.15.08 Who here has finished their XMas shopping? ragnarok’s recruiting post, Carp’s two or was it three? part post brainstorming ideas to increase pac-10 exposure and prestige, DBD 1.14.09 What Do You Mean by Double Air-E Honk?, the open threads on the tree removals, Danzig's Nate Longshore post,  Is Kevin Craft Palling Around with Murderous Cannibals? (0.5), DBD 2.3.09 (0.5), DBD 2.5.09 (0.5), Everything Hydro has ever done (0.5), Odious Machine (0.5), CGB Tagline Idea Thread (0.5), DancingDoc Interview (0.5)

I wish CGB would cover more…TwistNHook, football (2), humourous shenanigans and anecdotes involving co-workers/clients and the other idiots we all have to deal with on a day-to-day basis (2), Analysis of HydroTech’s analysis,of my massive rear end, everything seems to be covered sufficiently; anything missed usually turns up in the DBDs, swing passes during basketball season, making fun of Rishi’s love of Friends, Sign Making, baseball (0.5) and volleyball (0.5)


I wish CGB would cover less…baseball (2), sports, basketball, women's basketball (sheesh, you guys want us to turn into Gawker?), Indian hotties, hotties exist within every ethnicity, we should spotlight them all, TwistNHook, Patrick Chung and Cameron Colvin pictures, of my ginormous caulk, that sounds NSFW,  skin, honks


Best Danzig highlight reel: Jahvid Best/Yakety Sax (3), Michigan State (2), Beast Mode, Willie T,  love them all, 2008 Civil War,  any of the ones where we won,  Emerald Bowl, Syd'Quan, Justin Forsett


Best random DBD discussion on this site: The one about me., Too many to list…, Ragnarok making out during Die Hard 4 and dolphins (2), Lebowski, ATQ's declaration of Independence, the financial crisis breakdowns with danzig and the boys, The many mustachioed Karl Dorrell, Dubai Gardens (1 1/3), Ask a lawyer and ye shall receive (1/3), what not to wear (1/3), Anything Twist is involved with, someone double posted a line, and then some combo of about 6 posters repeated each post verbatim but with a different poster, Pac10 Cheerleaders


Worst random DBD discussion on this site: N/A, also too many to list…, Music discussions (1.5), Women’s Rights, 12.17.08 Let Me Be the First to Apologize, any of the political ones (2), baseball, Quizz vs. Best (0.5), DBD 3.3.09 Digger Phelps, No, I’ve hooked up with more Indian girls than you! (1 1/3), How to get a suit tailored (1/3)and who’s the most amazing hardcore frat boy drinker lolololol I drink at 8am I’m so cool guyz! (1/3), Everything But Pac10 Cheerleaders


Best Internet meme started by this site: I declare you Sanchez (3.5), Honk (2),   I’m not really a meme kind of guy, Totebag?, This, Bak Bak (0.5), "It’s spelled S-H-U-x-x-x-x-x", Spazzy Mcgee’s Pain Train Musings, NAILED IT!, This site is a meme. YOU’RE A MEME.,


Worst Internet meme started by this site: Honk (6.25), ork ork ork (2), I declare you sanchez, What the Giants did last year (2.25), geese (0.25), NAILED IT (0.25)


Favorite Non-CGB Cal Sports Blog and/or Journalist: YO (3), I don’t read anything that isn’t on CGB (3),  Bears Necessity (2, yay!), Jeff Farudo,  Free Darko, ,  Bears With Fangs, Ken Crawford, EDSBS


If I Could Declare Someone Sanchez, It’d Be: Mark Sanchez (2), CBKWit, Twist, The fucker that used the fastrak lane to bypass all the people paying the toll, only to bail out at the end, and try to butt into a normal lane, stopping all traffic in the fastrak lane for 4 minutes, You, Dumpster Muffin,  Journalists who think the Niners want to draft Mark Sanchez, a Medusa-like monster with the face and accompanying goatee of carp, the torso and limbs of Rishi, and the mental capacity of famous Cal troll Amy, Pete Carrol and his stranglehold on college football, SBN Mike Montgomery., Los Angeles (0.5), clowns (0.5)


Part II coming next week!

Cal Rugby loses. Wait, LOSES???


Taking its first loss of the season but winning the "World Cup" series on total points over two matches, California came back from a 15-point deficit and took the lead twice in the second half but could not hang on against British Columbia Thursday at Thunderbird Stadium, as an 80th-minute penalty kick by UBC flyhalf Harry Jones delivered a 24-23 defeat to the Golden Bears (26-1).

Cal has now won three consecutive World Cups and 10 of the past 13 two-match battles, with one contest at each team's venue. The Bears beat the Thunderbirds at Witter Rugby Field, 31-15, to open the 2009 series Feb. 21 - a match that can be seen on ESPNU at 6 p.m. PT on April 6.



Marshawn blogs:

i know its been a long time since i left you witout some dope words to make fun of ... but im back in the yard to say whats up ... its been kinda rough dis last month on me... but i held it together and stayed strong ... i figured what don't kill me make me stronger... i know i messed up before and even fumbled, but it's something about me that a lot of people wouldn't believe... i put my shirt and pants on da same way u do... but on a nother note, we started workouts again and its time to do work all over again... hold ya chin up... nuh nuh nuh... gone




Finally, Nnamdi is awesome:

The face of the Oakland Raiders is not third-year quarterback JaMarcus Russell's. It actually is Nnamdi Asomugha, the 27-year-old Pro Bowl cornerback with shutdown cover skills and an older soul's community conscience. Asomugha is as comfortable locking down elite receivers as he will be looking up Bill Clinton at the former president's Harlem, N.Y., office next month as he leads a recruiting trip of 10 disadvantaged East Oakland high school students seeking college scholarships they might otherwise never receive.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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