Cal Sports Mount Rushmore



Ragnarok: So, our Cal Football Mt. Rushmore would be Andy Smith, Pappy Waldorf, Jeff Tedford, and Pete Elliot? Maybe Joe Kapp instead?

Carp: and no stub allison? coach of our last NC team in 1937?!?!

Ragnarok: man, i didn’t even recognize him as ‘leonard’. good point, screw elliot and kapp.

CalBear81: A Tougher Question.  If you were going to pick a Mount Rushmore of Cal players, rather than coaches, who would you pick?

BearsNecessity: Kapp, White, Lynch and Muncie?

Spazzy McGee: -Muncie +Roth

Carp: wasn’t Muncie the best Cal RB evair (in terms of career stats)? and not that I can name any, but shouldn’t we also include a Rose Bowl/NC winner or two?

CalBear81: Not Joe Kapp.  If we’re talking about a coaches Mount Rushmore, not Joe Kapp. You can’t help liking him but, as my late father liked to say, "As a coach, Joe Kapp makes a great cheerleader." To be fair to Kapp, when he was hired at Cal he had virtually no coaching experience, and he was apparently chosen in the hope that he could turn around the disaster of the Roger Theder years though sheer enthusiasm. It worked for the first year (1982, "The Play," and all), but it all went downhill rapidly (after going 7-4 in 1982, he was 13-30-1 in the next four seasons).

My Mount Rushmore picks would be Andy Smith, Pappy Waldorf, Jeff Tedford and either James Schaeffer (1909-1915) who had a career record of 73-16-8, or Leonard "Stubb" Allison (1935-1944) whose career record isn’t as impressive (58-42-2), but who is the only Cal coach other than Andy Smith who ever actually won a Rose Bowl.

TwistNHook: Marshawn. Marshawn. Marshawn. Joe Ayoob.

Carp: should we do something larger than a Mt Rushmore, given that Cal’s had ~80 players/season for a long time? There aren’t even 80 presidents I don’t think, so Mt Rushmore works for them.

CalBear81:  But limiting it to four on offense and four on defense will make for nastier fights.  (P.S. We’ve had 43 presidents. Obama is called the 44th president because Grover Cleveland’s two terms were not consecutive and he therefore gets counted twice.)

TwistNHook: Is that why the Simpsons had Grover Cleveland spanking Homer on two non-consecutive occasions?

TwistNHook: Excuse me, not Homer, but Grandpa Simpso.




So, CGB, who's on your Cal Mount Rushmore?  Who should be on it?  The four greatest athletes in Cal history?  Someone who took Cal to the Rose Bowl?  Someone who won a Rose Bowl? 

Grandpa Simpso? 

Should it include non-athletes?  I'm sure there are some nobel laureates who would certainly deserve to be chiseled in stone between His Lynchness and Chuck Muncie based on their contributions to Cal...


Let's hear it.  



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