DBD 2.27.09 Cal Football or Basketball?



As Cal basketball inches closer to a tourney berth, we're pretty satisfied, if not exhilarated at how our team has performed. This leads us to a scenario where both of Cal's major sports are fielding strong, competitive teams. Considering how important education and athletics will be for incoming recruits in the ongoing economic downturn, there's nothing to suggest that California won't remain a hot spot well into the next decade.

Say that Cal football under Tedford and Cal basketball under Montgomery will field competitive teams for the next 5-10 years. What would you take more pleasure from on a day to day basis, watching our football team, or watching our basketball team?

Pros for football: Fewer games means every game means that much more and is thus more exciting to the average fan. Getting and/or winning a Rose Bowl seems far likelier than advancing deep in the NCAA tournament. Plenty of more people watch football. California football has never been this high in modern times and might never be this way again, given the traditional Pac-10 football programs who will always be around.

Cons for football: Just as the importance of a critical win is magnified, the devastation from a critical loss is so real. Discussions tend to be more fractious since there's a chain of command and it's easier for fans to assign blame. Also the sport is so complex it's difficult to discuss in layman's terms with fellow fans outside of 'Who ya think should start at QB?" and "Player X blows'. Way too much Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

Pros for basketball: Easier to understand; a far more laid back experience, quicker in pace and thus takes less time game to game. Not as difficult to learn the intricacies, more kinetic in pace. Games usually no longer than two hours, the equivalent of a Premier League soccer match. Strategy discussions way cool. Deeper history of Cal basketball than of Cal football. Also usually the best teams in the conference advance since there are more games; slip ups against Oregon State can be swept under the rug, unlike in football.

Cons for basketball: Chances of winning a National Championship without a star player are close to nil. Too many games to keep track of and dilutes the meaning of the regular season (a little bit, at least compared to college football). Lots more value placed on quality of officiating in basketball, and Pac-10 refs blow.

What are your thoughts on this?

Dump away as usual, and don't forget about the Gameday signs.

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