DBD 2.20.09 If this was Battlestar Galactica, they'd call it the FRAQ

And Edward James Olmos would take off his glasses 355 times during the reading of it.  He's always taking off his glasses to deliver a dramatically implausible line his gravely whisper. 


That's why...(glasses off)....we have....(glasses off) fight! via

I'm only 8 episodes into the series and he's already dramatically taken off his glasses like 1,243 times.  He's averaging almost 20 glasses taking offs per episode, a nearly unheard of statistic.  Caution:  Math not accurate. 

Long story short, we wrote a FAQ.

I have cut and pasted it below for your reading enjoyment.

Before you get to that, though, I had an idea.  People, who are idiots, often complain that they aren't fast enough with the "z" button to deal with the DBD once it becomes clusterfucky. 

So, how about this.  When somebody makes a comment with actual genuine Cal-related content, why don't we rec it up.  Generally, those are on the far left of the screen.  But just to make it one step easier, lets green them up.  So, that'll make it easier to dodge the "NAILED IT"s and "Rishi:  How I Met Your Mother is the funniest show since Two And A Half Men!"

So, I wanna hear no more complaints about not finding the genuine Cal-related content.  Itll be on the far left.  Itll be green.  You can quickly "z" past all the random inanities.  You know that any and every piece of Cal-related information will be here.  This is your one stop shop for everything Cal-related.  Never forget that and GO BEARS!



Who are you people, and what are you all about?

The California Golden Blogs web log (or "blog") is a website featuring the running chronicles of five recent Cal grad's unhealthy obsession with Cal Athletics and all things related.  Coupled with this obsession are jobs so mind-numbingly boring that the five of us waste most of our employers' valuable time talking about Cal sports.  Lucky you!  The Golden Bloggers (or "Marshawnthusiasts") are:

TwistNHook:  The funny one.  At least, some might describe him that way.  If in doubt, yes, those are meant to be jokes, and no, you shouldn't be offended by them.

Ragnarok:  The serious one.  Occasionally funny, but mostly not.  Still, he'll provide you with useful information and serious answers to your inquires most of the time.

HydroTech:  The smart one.  He knows more about football than you.  Unless your name is Jeff Tedford (or "God").  In which case, stop reading Cal sports blogs and get to work on figuring out how to beat USC!

Yellow Fever:  The snarky one.  Think you're snarkier that Yellow Feva'?  You couldn't out-snark him on the snarkiest day of your life with an electrified snarking machine!

CBKWit:  The absent one.  I'd write a short bio, but I haven't yet gleaned enough info from his 3 total posts to get an accurate picture of who this guy is.

How do these FanPosts work?  What about FanShots?

FanPosts are an opportunity for people to write their own thing and put it up.  While us Marshawnthusiasts might be the ostensible leaders of this rag-tag motley crew of emotionally immature college sports fans, the California Golden Blogs would just be 5 emotionally mature college sports fans without our sheep-like followers.  So, say your emotionally immature piece!  Say it loud and say it proud!  But no all-caps:  that's just awkward.

Got an awesome link, quote, or video to share, but not enough content to fill up the minimum FanPost word count (75 words)?  Perhaps you're looking for a FanShot insead?  FanShots are for links, photos, videos -- no analysis or extra thought necessary.

For more information, check out this discussion.

What does DBD stand for?

Daily Bear Dump.  It's a daily collection of links and related discussion for easy consumption.  It's a great place to go to catch up on the news of the day, and at least within the DBD, just about anything goes.  From the link above, here's a primer:

I'd like to discuss what the DBD (or Daily Bear Dump) is.  Originally from's Daily Link Dump (or DLD), it is a place to store all links.  I am going to assume that at AN, many people were just putting up FanPosts (or Diaries as they were called then) with just a link to a story.  This causes all other FanPosts to quickly fall off the page, which is not good.  There's only room for like 8 FanPosts on the front page.

So, the link dump is designed to help collate all information that day into 1 post for ease of consumption.  Recently, I have been posting them, but that's just because I am having some sleeping problems and find myself up brutally early with nothing to do.  But if you (yes, you!) want to put up a DBD, go right ahead!  It's an organic thing.  First, look to see if there is already one up.  If not, just date it, title it, put some links in, make it your own.

Still confused?  Here's a couple handy rules of thumb:

Understand, to the extent that we have any rules here (really, they're more like guidelines), they're only in place to help the readers -- you people -- find your way around here.  When people put information in predictable places, it helps everyone out.  The Daily Bear Dump is designed merely as a common repository for daily news and minor links.  Important links will still deserve their own place as a separate FanShot, and those that are accompanied by opinion or analysis will obviously merit an entire FanPost.  And of course, before posting, please make sure that your hot new link hasn't already been posted somewhere else.

In any case, these are CGB's collective conventions, and that's all they are - conventions.  Use your judgment when posting, and everything should work out just fine.

I found a great article about Cal on another website.  Can I post it here so that everyone else can see?

Many websites (such as for news organizations, like the SF Chronicle) will allow their stories to be passed around the web without too much restriction.  Find a gem of a quote?  Feel free to copy and paste the relevant passage into a comment, a FanShot, or even your own FanPost, along with a link back to the original story.  Due to fair-use restrictions, you can't copy the whole thing, but you can copy a few paragraphs, and by providing a link back to the original story, readers can go and get the whole story, straight from the source.  We at the CGB would appreciate the same courtesy when linking to our posts.

However, some websites restrict some or all of their content to paying subscribers.  There are no fair-use allowances for such "premium" content as can be found at sites such as Rivals, Scout, or ESPN Insider.  They work hard to produce such content, and don't want to see it just given away for free.  For something behind a subscription wall, merely offer the link and perhaps a paraphrase.  Do not copy and paste anything from behind a subscription wall, because it is not only against copyright law but, most likely, in violation of your subscription agreement as well.  We could get in trouble, you could be banned from that subscription site -- bad times all around.  Just don't do it.

What about this awesome photo I found?  It's a little lewd, however...

Although we aren't really all that prudish, it is important to remember that this site is viewed by all manner of people, including those who may not appreciate such photos, as well as others who read this blog at work.  While most employers might not mind you reading sports websites during quick, 10-minute breaks at work, they may frown further on viewing embarrassing photos of player's girlfriends and opposing cheerleaders.  In no way does CGB ever want to be responsible for someone getting in trouble at work, so if you have a photo that you think could get people in trouble (large photo or photo of scantily clad women), please post only a link to the photo with a NSFW ("Not Safe For Work") warning.  Readers can then choose, or not, to view the picture at a later, more appropriate time.  Better safe than sorry!

I can't get blockquotes to work correctly.  HALP!

It's an annoying problem, but Berklium97 seems to have nailed down the problem.  I'll let him explain:

Berklium97:  You have to have a blank line of space between the last line of text and the beginning of the blockquote (basically, hit enter twice). For example:
pre-blockquote text
-blockquote-text text text

(new paragraph) text/-blockquote-

will look like this:
pre-blockquote text

text text text

(new paragraph)text

But, if I put a paragraph space between the pre-blockquote text and the blockquote text…
pre-blockquote text
-blockquote-text text text

(new paragraph) text /-blockquote-

…then it will look like this:

pre-blockquote text

text text text

(new paragraph) text

What's a torrent?  Can I use them to re-watch Cal games after the fact?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol; it can be used to download just about anything.  Recently, all Cal Football games have been uploaded as torrents, so yeah, you can download them and then view them as many times as you like on your computer.

How do I download and view these torrents?

The Patron Saint of Awesomeness Danzig explains this better than we ever could.

HydroTech's screen capture posts are awesome!  How does he do that?

In 10 easy steps:

1 - Download the torrent of the game (see above).
2 - Burn the torrent to DVD (requires torrent-burning software).
3 - Play the DVD on your computer.
4 - Press the "prnt scrn" button on computer at the appropriate time during the game
5 - Open up Photoshop (other photo-editing software will also work, but Hydro uses Photoshop).
6 - "Paste" the screen grab into Photoshop.
7 - Crop the photo as desired.
8 - Add dots, arrows, or whatever else helps explain the photo.
9 - Save the photo as a .jpg file.
10 - Upload the .jpg file to the SBN server.

I just started a great new blog.  Wanna exchange links?

Perhaps.  It really depends on what your blog is about, and how closely it jives with what we cover at CGB.  We're trying to be a little selective here; after all, a million links is about as useful as no links at all.

Anyway, we'll readily link to any site at all about Cal Sports, and most any regularly-updating site about other Pac-10 school sports.  Blogs following other college teams or college sports in general have to be pretty exceptional to gain our interest, and sites about non-collegiate athletics would have to be truly fantastic.  Basically, the further your blog's subject matter is from Cal Sports, the more essential your blog will have to be to warrant our interest, and thus, a link exchange.

Reading/skipping past all of these inane comments broke the scroll wheel on my mouse.  What can I do?

Hit the "z" key.  I am going to say that again.  In all caps.  Watch this:  HIT THE Z KEY!  Not since the invention of the letter Z itself, has there been such a monumental discovery.  It'll take you right to the new comments that you have yet to read.  That way, even if the post has hundreds and hundreds of comments, you can find the new ones in a matter of second.

Actually, If you look at the top of the comments section on any post, you'll see posted a number of keyboard shortcuts which allow for quick navigation of the comments section.  "C" tabs forward through new comments, while "Shift-C" will tab backwards.  "X" will mark the current comment as read, while "Shift-A" will mark all comments as read.  The magical "Z" key combines both "C" and "X" to mark a comment as read and move onto the next one, while "R" will allow you to reply to the current comment.

TwistNHook said something mean to me.  Should I feel insulted?

TwistNHook:  Fuck and, to a lesser extent, yes.

ragnarok:  Geez, Twist, they just got here.  Can't you understand that they don't know you're joking yet?

TwistNHook:  On a much more serious note, we are here for the two most important things in the world:  the internet and college football.  And if you can't understand how important and serious those things are, maybe you should go to one of those SBNation blogs filled with only inane jokes and absurdist non-sequiturs.  Y'know, like Bruins Nation.

ragnarok:  Bottom line, if you think you've been insulted by Twist, think again.  He's *never* serious.



This is so long anyway, I'll put the cal link below.  Go Bears!

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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