DBD 2.13.09 Pancake Blocks and Coeds

To commemorate this Valentine's Day weekend before the Furd hate commences, here's some linkage love to the outgoing seniors.

Alex Mack is really psyched, and apparently has much higher opinions of Cal coeds than most of our commenters.

.If my interview with Mack earlier this week on Sirius NFL Radio were an example of how he will perform when interviewed at the Combine, he'll pass with flying colors. He is working out on campus with his college strength coach rather than at a fancy training center because he believes in sticking with what got him to this point. He responded to a question of what he likes about football by saying he enjoyed "smashing the hell out of the noseguard on double teams in the running game". He handled questions about protection adjustments and his practice mindset with equal aplomb. Heck, he even said that he would rather knock a defender down to the ground with a pancake block than go out on a date with one of Cal's co-eds.

Rulon Davis is enjoying every minute of the buildup to draft day.

Often a man among boys in his time with the Cal football team, Rulon Davis has finally moved on to fry bigger fish.

Or become one, to be exact. Upon exhausting his eligibility following the Emerald Bowl, the senior defensive end and one-time junior college transfer joined the list of Bears eligible for the 2009 NFL Draft.

These days he finds himself preparing for the NFL Combine at Elite Athletics Training Center in Los Angeles, joining former teammates Zack Follett and Worrell Williams as well as current NFL guys such as Justin Forsett, Thomas DeCoud and Marshawn Lynch.

That means no more classes, no more meetings, no more drills.

"Right now my life is simplified," he says. "It's eating, sleeping and training, and that's what I do. That's my job. I wake up, I eat and train. I eat, then I train again, then I eat again.

"So it's real simple, and I love it. My life is beautiful right now. I wish I could do this my entire life, but I can't."

Spazzy really should be writing this and translating it into Pain Train (especially the Bonsai Trees bit), but he can do it in the comments.

When Zack Follett bought his first NFL game ticket in the ninth grade, he was merely a fan.

When the four-star prep linebacker signed his LOI to Cal, there were still only whispers of his potential to play at the next, next level.

But when the Bears elected to shift their defense to a 3-4 look following their 2007 Armed Forces Bowl win, much of that changed -- 10.5 sacks, 23 tackles-for-loss and five forced fumbles later, Follett's status now reads: Potential NFL draft pick.

Starting Wednesday, his status will soon be NFL Combine participant, one that's been dubbed as a potential mid-third to an early fourth-round selection.

"Excitement," Follett says to describe his emotions. "Training something for so long, one specific thing pretty much -- that 40-time -- constantly twice a day almost every day except Sunday, it's just real excitement. I'm eager to go out and do it.

"I'm not really nervous. I know the whole process is a big grind from what I hear, but it's something that I've always wanted to do watching on TV, so I'm pretty excited."

Interviews of Rulon and Zach are also included in the links.

On this Valentine's Day weekend, simple questions for you: Would you rather pancake block or date a Cal coed? What would you want to do more than date a Cal coed?

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