2011 Basketball recruiting - Big guys

So, there have been a couple of developments recently I've found interesting as it pertains to the future of Cal Bear basketball. Of course, the biggest issue surrounding the team now is the lack of size and depth on the interior, and it's not just for this year b/c Jordan Wilkes graduated early, Taylor Harrison's career ended, or Harper Kamp is sidelined. No, this continues to next year. Sure, Max if real tall, but he's always going to be thin. MSF is only 6'7" and will be around for just one more year. Meanwhile, our best interior player, Boykin, is graduating this year.  Amoke is something to get excited about, but he's more of a 3 than a 4 or 5.

Anyways, back to the developments.... Kamp appears set to redshirt, which means we'll have his 6'8" discipline for 2 more years, which will be a nice bridge for whatever recruits come in in 2011, AND Bak doesn't appear to be redshirting after all. Finally, the early signing period is over, and baring any springtime surprises popping up on the recruiting scene, we are really looking at 2011 at this point to solve our needs. I've scoured the obvious sources and don't see anyone hanging out there for 2009 who appears to be in our sights, and vice versa.

So, at this point, next year's interior looks like:

C: Max (jr), backed up by MSF (sr)

PF: Kamp (jr), backed up by incoming Richard Solomon (fr)

It will be interesting to see where Monty plays Amoke (jr). He has unfortunately continued to be used as if he were a big guy, when I'd really rather see him at the 3 spot. And I am kinda forgetting about Bak (jr) - how is he going to fit into the rotation his Sophomore year? Can he earn minutes at the 4 spot? And, oh, let's not leave out 6'10" transfer Robert Thurman (soph) - will he be a practice only player, or anything more?

As such, we've got 6 or 7 guys to fill the two power positions on the floor, but to be honest, I don't think any of them forecast future Cal championships, especially not when UCLA is taking in Josh Smith (5 stars, projected 1-and-done to NBA, 6;10" 270 lbs), Stanford gets Dwight Powell (5 stars, 6'9"-6'10", 215 lbs.) and Washington lands superstud Enes Kanter (6'9"-6'10", 240 out of Turkey via Switzerland.

So, that means, unfortunately, we need to be looking forward to new stud blood in 2011, unless we accept being a 2nd tier program. (Not me.)

So, what do you all see out there in your crystal balls?

I was scouring one list (click on 'Basketball' and '2011') and see the following names (sort by height) of big guys from the west coast that we should be pursuing:

Norvell Pelle. Here's an interesting story. The kid recently transfered from Compton Dominguez to join Cal recruits Crabbe and Solomon at Price high school. Do we have an "in" with the Price coach or what? Crabbe and Solomon will certainly be able to let Pelle know if Berkeley is a preferred destination. But, how come Cal isn't shown on the list of "college choices"?

Kyle Wiltjer. This 6'9" star from Portland is 5-star rated and apparently lots of folks are after him, including Cal. Here are a couple (1 and 2) of articles about him.

Kyle Caudill. This big kid initially committed to ASU, but this fall re-opened his recruiting. Do the Bears have a shot?

Robert Garrett. Here's a tall kid from Sacramento who has a mix of high and mid major schools following him, including Cal. Not much press out there on him, however.

Then there's the hotly pursued 6'8"-6'11" Angelo Chol (5 stars) out of San Diego. But how come Cal is not listed here? Chol has been offered by all Pac-10 schools and probably many top programs across the country. UW was recently at the top of his list, but his coach told him to slow down and take a look at more schools. He's originally from the Sudan. Could Bak Bak put in a good word for him?

Here's an interesting article about some other big guys, including 6'9" Marcellous Clay of Skyline in Oakland and Brendan Keane of Alameda. 

Then there's 6'8" 3 star Kevin Johnson from LA. He's got a man's body.

Anybody know anything about 6'7" Andre McPhail of Antioch, 6'7" Stuart Wesonga of Novato, the other Ryan Anderson (6'7" from Long Beach) or any one else?

Take this where you may...


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