Cal vs. Pacific Terrible Quality Camera Phone Photo Essay

Back when paleodan and I first saw Pacific on the Men's Basketball schedule, paleodan mentioned that he had never been to Stockton and wanted to visit. My first reaction was, "Why?" But then I realized that I had never seen Cal Basketball play in a non-tournament away game, so we decided to take the afternoon off and check it out.


Our unofficial Cal section.

We heard that the Cal Club of San Joaquin County was encouraging Cal fans to sit in section 202, but we procrastinated buying tickets too long to get seats there and ended up across the aisle. Cal fans were pretty loud, and got some good cheers going. This annoyed some nearby UOP fans, including one particularly loud dude who I will call poor disgruntled drunk Pacific guy. PDDPG would periodically run up and down the aisle with a cardboard tiger cutout shouting "WOO TIGERS!!" Cal fans also hilariously refused to participate in the wave, leading PDDPG to shout "What do you have against the wave, Cal?" So many things, PDDPG.


Token actual Cal sports picture goes here.

We did not take many game shots, mainly because of the whole terrible quality camera phone thing. But here is Patrick Christopher shooting a couple of free throws. If I could have captured any game moment, though, it would be Max Zhang's jumper that opened the game. OMG I did not know he could do that! It was awesome.

However, instead of trying to analyze the game, I am going to spend the rest of this post talking about what I know: spirit groups!


Yay spirit groups!

UOP brought a fairly large band. I remember them sounding pretty good but paleodan said the trombones had poor horn angle and also criticized the band's use of music stands. Their most memorable song was the SportsCenter theme, which inspired PDDPG to shout "dun-dun-DUN dun-dun-DUN WOO SPORTSCENTER!" after the next couple Pacific baskets.


The Pacific Tiger Dancers: Kind of like the Cal Dance Team, but with more exposed midriffs and more kicklines.

The Pacific dance team did a routine to a Marilyn Manson song at halftime. Paleodan was sad that they didn't get to the chorus, though. The Pacific Tiger Dancers routines feature a lot of high kicks.

Also, we couldn't get a picture, but Pacific's mascot is your typical tiger wearing a basketball jersey. I thought he was kind of mangy looking but paleodan pointed out that his name is POWERCAT, which is so terrible that it is kind of awesome.


California 79, Pacific 54.

Shortly before this picture was taken, PDDPG started chanting "Go back to Berkeley!" Fortunately, he was soon drowned out by the Bear Territory chant. Then we took PDDPG's suggestion and started on our trip home.
In closing, please enjoy the following scenic view of the side of Stockton Arena:


Stockton: Home to more than just the NCBA All Northern Honor Band and that one In-N-Out Burger, it turns out.

I'm glad I got the chance to see Cal Basketball play an away game. If we ever play at St. Mary's or USF, I am totally there. Go Bears!

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