Cal Sports Recruiting Thread: December 2009

Solarise has been doing fine yeoman's work on this front. Highly commendable, big ups to him!

TrojanNYC blog reported that $C is leading in the recruitment of George Uko, DT (Chino, CA) followed by UCLA.

The departure of LSU running back coach Larry Porter to Memphis is having a negative impact on the recruiting of Lache Seastrunk, RB (Temple, TX). Perhaps coach Gould should sweep in and work his magic…

Chris Fetters of Scout reported that Micah Hatchie, OT (Waialua, HI) had an incredible visit to UW. He was seen hanging out with another Hawaiian and Huskies commit Taz Stevenson. Hatchie still wants to officially visit Oregon, Cal and Hawai’i before making his final decision.

Washington, Oregon and Hawai’i were mentioned by Hatchie as being high risers on his recruiting list. Those are the schools that are going to the top right now.

Greg Biggins reported on Paul Richardson, WR (Gardena, CA) and his visit to ASU over the weekend.

"ASU was a great visit, there wasn’t a single negative about it," Richardson said. "I got to spend a lot of time with Coach (Dennis) Erickson and that was really a highlight for me. He’s a solid guy and very genuine."
"I want to take a few more trips with Shaq so I’m looking at Arizona and UCLA," Richardson said. "I also like Cal and Nebraska and would like to visit both of those as well."

Kenny Stills, WR (Carlsbad, CA) is down to his final six schools: Cal, UCLA, Oklahoma, Florida, Miami and Michigan. Stills is targeting Dec 11 or Dec 18 to announce his decision on local TV in San Diego.

– Greg Biggins, ESPN

From chowder:


Three-star wide receiver Tevin Carter (Los Angeles/Santee) made an unofficial visit to check out the hometown USC Trojans but is still a solid commitment to Cal, ESPN affiliate Web site reports.

Finally, a Moraga Bear update!

Regarding King, I know he’s still talking about Cal like they’re his top choice. Whether or not his fb status means anything, I’m not sure at this point. But, as I mentioned earlier, a similar fb status about Cal last June didn’t mean anything so I wouldn’t put to much stock in this one.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be in Oregon’s position. No single recruit is worth the potential of a major recruiting violation and when an Oregon alum/former player/booster provides housing for a player in his school’s backyard, that’s crying out for trouble. I’m aware of at least one or two schools that will strongly pursue major sanctions against Oregon if he commits there and one’s not Cal. They say they "cleared it" with the NCAA, but I wouldn’t sleep easy on that one.

Contrary to what some are saying, Cal’s recruiting is going strong right now. They lost Ward and James to UCLA and a few others that were offered but not Plan A guys, but they’re in strong with a lot of top recruits and will host a ton of them Dec. 11, including Kouandjio, his teammates Johnson and Coley, Gayden, Ferguson, Whitaker, Martin, Gore, Werner, possibly Stills and Briggs and a few others, plus current commits Crosthwaite, Hinder, Harper and another one or two.

I’ve indicated for months that commits weren’t likely until late in the recruiting process because almost all their top remaining targets had no intention of committing early and wanted to take bunch of visits.

This is a different type of recruiting cycle than Cal usually is involved in but, just as all the early strong commits didn’t mean the class would be stocked with top players and be wrapped up early, so does the lull during the season not mean things are going poorly.

By design, there was to be one big recruiting game during the season, which, despite the loss was actually a pretty strong visit with a lot of the recruits. There then was to be one big recruiting weekend during bowl prep and that’s what’s happening in a couple weeks. Things will almost definitely pick up then.

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