DBD 11.2.09 Michael Tilson Thomas Went To USC?!?!??!

I knew there was a reason I hated that pretty boy.  He doesn't even do anything!  He's just the face of the Symphony.  He talks nice, pretends to know what he's talking about, and then waves his little wand dramatically for 2 hours every Friday night. 

I mean I could do that.  Hell, I even have waved my little wand dramatically in front of musicians.  And I didn't get any fucking accolades for it.  I just can't go within 200 yards of the Stanley Middle School Cadet Band anymore.  WHAT A CROCK!  I'm never going to a Thomas-led event ever again.  This is almost as bad as the time I found out Barry Zito went to USC.  But not as bad as the time I found out DCTrojan went to USC.  That really crushed me.

Speaking of things I could do and would most likely get me in trouble with the parents of middle schoolers anywhere, I think I could officially write a show for the FX Network.  First, they have It's Always In Philly, which is just a bunch of complete dumbasses sitting around, drinking, saying the absolute stupidest thing that comes to mind. 

Take out the drinking and that's my life!  It appeals to me in a way that few other shows do.  So, now, they have this new show.  The League.

It's about a bunch of complete dumbasses sitting around, playing fantasy sports, saying the absolute stupidest things that come to mind.  ABOUT FANTASY SPORTS!  This is seriously my life. It would have an entire season done in like 3 days.  They must just hand out FX shows to anybody these days.

Bryan Anger named Punter Co-Performer of the Week:

ATLANTA - Cal P Bryan Anger was honored Sunday by the College Football Performance Awards as the CFPA's Punter Co-Performer of the Week for his performance in Cal's 23-21 victory Saturday over Arizona State at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.

Anger averaged a season-high 53.0 yards per punt on five kicks against the Sun Devils with four of his punts traveling 50 yards or more.

The honor was Anger's second from the CFPA in the last three games as he was previously named the organization's Punter Performer of the Week for his performance at UCLA on Oct. 17. During Cal's current three-game win streak, he is averaging 48.3 yards per punt over 16 attempts with eight of his punts going at least 50 yards. On the season, his punting average is up to 43.0 yards per punt with 12 boots of 50 or more yards.

Cal (6-2, 3-2 Pac-10) will play its final two home games of the 2009 season at Memorial Stadium the next two Saturdays. The Bears will face Oregon State (5-3, 3-2 Pac-10) in a nationally-televised Fox Sports Net game this Saturday, Nov. 7 (4:00 p.m. PT). The contest will be broadcast locally on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. The starting time and television broadcast information for the team's final home game of the 2009 campaign against Arizona (Saturday, Nov. 14) is expected to be announced on Monday, Nov. 2.

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