DBD 11.16.09 I beesech you, Oh Avian Overlords, please allow us to create a Stanford blog

Dear Bird Kings:

Have we not been loyal subjects?  Have we not worked hard to provide you with the finest meats and cheeses our bountiful land has to offer?  Have we not offered you our first born children to work in your underground Nike mines?  Sure, Carp and Zoonews didn't care for it at first, but after they saw those great Nikes, they were fine.

Have we not even denied to one of our own that he saw a Condor solely for your amusement?

We have!  We have truly been model underlings.  We give so much and we ask for little in return.

All we want is a rival blog to call our own.  All we've ever wanted was a rival blog to call our own!  CougCenter has UWDawgpound.  BruinsNation has Conquest Chronicles.  AZDesertSwarm has House Of Sparky.  And you have Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician (DAMN YOU TROY NUNES!).  All we want is a Troy Nunes to call our own.  A cute little Troy Nunes that we can overrun and donate money to NAMBLA in the name of.

As no Stanford fan has the drive, creativity, virile sexuality, or elbow grease necessary to create, manage, and eventually destroy through pathetic donations, WE HAVE TO HEED THE CALL!

Allow us, Oh Avian Overlords, to create our own Stanford blog.  So, that we may have a rival to needle, a partner to mock, and a beloved friend to run away from when we see them on the proverbial SBN street. 

Very Truly Yours,



And now the message written solely in invisible magic(k) ink readable solely by true CGBers.  Don't worry, I know that Addicted To Quack really has no power over us and that we control their JPuppet JRegime through back room and fairly underhanded machinations.  I'm just doing this to make them feel better, because I know they have such low self-esteem.  I've read most of JTLight's diary and believe me, it's not pretty.  Just like him.  So, I'm just trying to build them up a little bit.  I don't need JShufelt calling me up at all hours of the night in tears because JConant said his J was better than JShufelt's J.

That said, we really should start our own Stanford sports blog.  Even if just for a week.  Even if to say "Sure, your team might beat us on the football field this year, but you'll never beat us in the game of hilarious inanity combined with in depth sports analysis, well, OK, you might beat us in the game of in depth sports analysis, but we still have you in HONK!" 

What should we put in the Stanford sports blog?  Let's brainstorm!

Cal Football 25 in latest BCS standings:

BERKELEY - Cal moved back into the most recent BCS Standings released on Sunday at No. 25 following a 24-16 victory Saturday over previous No. 17 Arizona at Memorial Stadium.

The Bears have ranked as high as No. 20 in the 2009 BCS Standings, reaching that spot on Nov. 1 before a loss to Oregon State six days later knocked them out of last week's standings.

Cal also received votes in both the latest AP Top 25 rankings (53 votes) and the USA Today poll (55 votes) released Sunday. The Bears were last ranked in on Nov. 1 in both polls at No. 23.

Cal had been ranked as high as No. 6 by both AP and USA Today on Sept. 20 after opening the season with a 3-0 mark following a No. 12 preseason ranking in both. The top six teams in the latest BCS standings - Florida (.9833 BCS average), Alabama (.9521), Texas (.9261), TCU (.8685), Cincinnati (.8536) and Boise State (.7950) - are all undefeated.

No. 11 Oregon (.6265) is the first of five Pac-10 teams listed, followed by No. 17 Stanford (.3406), No. 18 USC (.2714), No. 19 Oregon State (.2487) and No. 25 Cal (.0935).

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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