Fantasy Week in Review - Week 5

Ragnarok just keeps bringing the doom.

Rag's Doombringers were the high scorers of the week once again in winning a 143-32 decision over The Ghosts of Ty Willingham. Toby Gerhart trampled the Bruins with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, putting up 134 yards and three rushing touchdowns, and Noel Devine contributed 220 yards and a touchdown while Eric Decker also threw up 140 receiving yards and a touchdown. Even Jerrod Johnson of Texas A&M posted 345 passing yards and two touchdowns.

Meanwhile, The Ghosts of Ty Willingham were reliant upon Kevin Riley, Shane Vereen, Nyan Boateng - injured, Dez Bryant - on a bye week - and Rob Gronkowski - injured.

They combined for seven points.

Syd lines up under center prevailed over Yellow Fever in the highest-scoring matchup of the week, 134-121. Jacory Harris rebounded from the beating he took at Lane Stadium with 202 passing yards and three touchdowns to go with his two interceptions, but the big star of the week was Golden Tate and his 275 total yards and one touchdown. LaMichael James chipped in 98 total yards and two touchdowns as well. Yellow Fever got 20+ performances from Jeremiah Masoli, Jacquizz Rodgers and Shay Hodge as well as the USC defense. Does it make me a bad fan if I think a good strategy from here on out is to spot start whichever defense Kevin Riley is facing? I'm so mean.

Somehow the Texas Tech QB machine only put up 4 points when TimeForSomeAction defeated Holmoe Phobes 127-93. Taylor Potts had two interceptions against 215 passing yards, and James Rodgers had 114 yards and a touchdown, but he and the rest of the Holmoe Phobes failed to have a single 20 point performer. Ryan Mallett and Mike Williams of Syracuse were a two-man wrecking crew as they combined for 62 fantasy points.

Juice Williams put up 25 points with 263 passing yards, 58 rushing yards, and one rushing and one passing touchdown, but that wasn't enough to save his fantasy team 1, his real life team the Fighting Illini, or even his starting job in dropping a decision to dballers_are_all_loose 120-115. Charles Scott chipped in with 22 points and the Ohio State defense had another 20 points as well, though getting zero points from Jeff Fuller of Texas A&M proved to be 1's undoing. dballers_are_all_loose got steady performances from Tony Pike, Montario Hardesty and Mark Ingram even as Ryan Broyles only put up 37 yards in suffering a knee injury. Might I suggest Verran Tucker?

Rock Runners defeated Energia del Burro 113-88 with 34 points from Terrelle Pryor, 16 from Ed Dickson, and 15 from Scotty McKnight. Jake Locker once again tried to play Superman with 26 points, but weak showings from Jahvid Best, Dane Sanzenbacher, Weslye Saunders (no, really, that's how it's spelled), and the Virginia Tech defense didn't give him a whole lot of help.


West Division
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
dballers_are_all_loose 5 0 0 1.000 0 W5 3-0-0 0 608.5 74.2 462.8
Yellow Fever 3 2 0 0.600 2 L1 1-1-0 1 595.2 87.5 584.2
Rock Runners 3 2 0 0.600 2 W3 0-2-0 0 518.2 164.5 526.8
Holmoe Phobes 2 3 0 0.400 3 L2 2-2-0 1 587.5 95.2 567.5
The Ghosts of Ty Willingham 1 4 0 0.200 4 L4 1-2-0 0 306.8 376.0 550.5
East Division
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
Rag's Doombringers 4 1 0 0.800 0 W4 3-1-0 3 682.8 0.0 475.0
Syd lines up under center 3 2 0 0.600 1 W1 2-2-0 0 622.0 60.8 572.2
TimeForSomeAction 2 3 0 0.400 2 W1 1-1-0 0 550.0 132.8 540.5
Energia del Burro 2 3 0 0.400 2 L1 1-1-0 0 523.5 159.2 496.2
1 0 5 0 0.000 4 L5 0-2-0 0 401.2 281.5 620.0



1t. Yleexotee - 59
1t. Bears Necessity - 59
3. Easy-So-Feel-Me - 58
4t. I just blue myself - 57
4t. Oski4Heisman - 57
4t. Clean Cut Media - 57
4t. Moscow Doug - 57
4t. class of 87 - 57
9t. Montezuma's Revenge - 56
9t. AERose - 56
9t. vanman1013 - 56
9t. Oaktown4ever - 56


  • Yleexotee was the top performer for the week with 12 correct picks, with Bears Necessity just behind at 11. Yleexotee's misses were on BYU against Utah State, Virginia Tech against Duke, Iowa against Arkansas State, Michigan against Michigan State, and Oklahoma against Miami.
  • Only two people picked Duke to cover against Virginia Tech - Bears Necessity and Syd lines up under center.
  • Twelve people correctly picked Utah State to cover against BYU.
  • Is it Saturday yet? picked UC Davis against Boise State. With no line. Straight up.
  • Ten people correctly picked UTEP against Houston.
  • Five people picked against Cal. Again, not to name names, but their names are Montezuma's Revenge, AussieBrian, Yleexootee, TwistNHonk, and CalPete likes beer.
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