DBD 1.28.09 Anticipating danzig's Next Highlight Tape

Like most all loyal CGB readers, I can't get enough of danzig and his valuable contributions to this blog.  I wonder what will be next...  Norris Malele Stretching Technique HLs or maybe even some footage of Anthony Felder's senior year weight room pranks!  ...HAHA!  That's not shaving cream, Georgio! 

I did not see him around here at all yesterday, so I figured that such an elite financial analyst was busy saving the world through his participation in various NYC think tanks,  brain trusts, and futurology meetings.  So, logic(k)ally, to keep his coworkers appraised of his every thought or inclination, he'd update his twitter string early and often.  Check it out:




Woke up.  Flag's at full mast. @ 8:18am

Kicked Nikki out of bed.  @ 8:43am

Kicked Jayden out of bed. @ 8:49am

Finally got Stacy and Candi to leave.   Mental Note:  Bard sluts are nuts.  Next Friday... healthy NYU chickens @ 8:56am

Just ordered Rosalita to fix me my morning Goulash. She better not forget the fuckin' ketchup...  Plenty of other Ricans right down the street work for food only!  Comprende? @ 9:12am

Ahhh!  The 'zig is for-ti-FIED! @ 9:28am

Logged on to CGB...  Wading through Rishi's comments @ 9:41am

FUCK.  There goes my z key.  WTF Cricket?  REALLY??? @ 10:17am

Just got to work.  As usual, no one questions why I'm 2 hours late.  Bitches. @ 11:08am

ROFL.  Thain's blabbing on the phone again.  Mahogany?!  My desk makes that shit look like Balsa wood...  Rookie. @ 12:48pm

Bored.  Firing up my HL machine.  Where did I file those Donovan Edwards pass protection HLs? @ 1:39om

Left work early.  Note to self: The 'zig needs a new secretary.  Dana's gettin' rough around the edges.  Where do those dweebs on Mad Men shop? @ 2:54pm

Just finished up at the gym...  New bench: 365 for 5.  Yeah, coeds love how jacked and tan I am.  I'm getting some fuckin' pussy tonight.  The zig's swell IS ON. @ 4:26pm

Deciding whether or not to hit my --Fix Economy-- button.  Nah.  Maybe next year, when Cal's in the B-C-fucking-S. @ 7:34pm

Headed to bed, but I need my nightcap.  Rosalita... JAEGERBOMBS!  PRONTO! @ 1:11am

I never realized danzig was the star of this video!

Or that this youtube skit could be referenced yet another time!

(For the video starring TwistNHook, click here and here)


As you can see, I discovered the contents of our next HL video.  I also unearthed the key to fixing the economy and restoring hope and luxury to 'merica.  All of these things "maybe" depend on our dominance of the Pac-10 next year!  Or, at the very least, 10 wins for Cal and an undefeated USC team!  All of these things make the 'zig happy.





"Not now, Chief.  I'm in the Fuckin' Zone!"





Okay!  Post your random links below before the clusterfuck of NAILED ITs and Sanchezes occurs.  I will have some recruiting info up later.

And be sure to follow Pete Carroll's Twitter as he violates numerous NCAA recruiting rules every hour on the hour!

Just a few more days of traveling... We've got to keep recruiting... It's all about Winning Forever from TwitterBerry
On the road again... Be back later this week from TwitterBerry
Here comes the sun and 75 degree weather... It's another great winter day in SoCal from TwitterBerry
Recruiting weekend continues on... Lunch at ESPNZone then to the Coliseum.... Win Forever from TwitterBerry

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