PSA: Watching Cal-Washington State: Online or the Bars

Right now, unless you live on the West Coast, you probably won't be watching Cal-Washington State unless you have some expensive satellite. Currently no streamers have. However, if a few people volunteer to stream the game P2P there might be a chance that all the Golden Bears around the world have a chance to watch the game!

I have no experience streaming video and my connection is terrible for streaming to other people, but there is a good guide (need to register on the board before you can read it) for streaming a game via Sopcast (to Windows comps only as far as I know). If you have these tools you are eligible to stream the game.

  • Desktop Computer (as a server)

  • Broadband Internet Connection

  • A good TV-Tuner Card for Computer (Available at computer stores, might cost a little)

  • Windows Media Encoder 9 (Free Microsoft software : Download for free )

  • Router might be helpful

I think most of us on the other coasts would be willing to chip in and pay the streamers back how much it costs to buy the tuner card.

Obviously this is a volunteer thing to help out all the Cal fans who cannot afford satellite packages or are scattered across the globe. This is the first time I'm trying this, so you might want to test run on Friday or early Saturday to see if the feeds work.

You could also try if this sounds too complicated. The FAQ for creating a stream is here.

If anyone says for sure they can do it in the comments and show that the feed they setup is working, we can put it up on this post and everyone with an Internet connection will have a chance to watch Cal-Washington State! Volunteer in the comments.

Here are some bars/parties showing the game around the country.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: Scott Moura's basement!
Bay Area: Click here.
Boston/New England: The Baseball Tavern (thanks to Cal's alum New England club for the tip)
Chicago: Full Shilling (thanks to Bear Insider tip)
Chico, CA: The Graduate (4 big screens 6 regular, and 75 beers on tap for those of you beer lovers)
Davis, CA: The Graduate (Apparently they show a lot of college games here)
Denver: Fox Hound Smokehouse and Tavern (Denver alumni group)
NYC: Pacific Standard in Brooklyn (thanks to my NY contributor Tony for the tip) & MJ Armstrong's in Manhattan, adding in Standings Bar in the East Village.
Hawaii: The Shack in Waikiki (thanks to the Hawaii alum club)
LA: Two parties in Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach (Look here for details); man does the bar scene stink there.
Philadelphia: Fox & Hound Smokehouse & Tavern (thanks to the Philly club)
Portland: Life of Riley (thanks to the Portland club)
San Diego: Players Sports Bar (hosted by San Diego Alumni club)
Washington DC: Sign of the Whale, hosted by the DC alum

If anyone has further bar locations, leave them in the comments and I'll add them into the main guide.


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