DBD 8.6.08's not 8.6.08 at all

Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up.  Shhhhhhhhhhh.  I have to appear tomorrow in Berkeley, early, I might not have time to rock n roll in the morning.  So, let's crank this out tonight.  But don't tell anybody, this can be our little secret.  Also, sometimes I fear that I'm nowhere near as "really cool" as my mom says I am.  Sometimes.  But then, I shake that off and remember, no matter what, "I'm Lisa Simpson."  Let's keep that under wraps, too.  Ok, and now, without further ado, on to the links.

Ok, minimal ado.  I wonder what 8.6.08 will really be like.  It's 8.5.08 right now (shhhhh!), so I'm writing this for the future.  Sort of a time capsule for tomorrow.  I hope the blog readers of tomorrow reading this will look up from their hover-computers and take a moment to remember a simpler time.  An easier time.  When we discussed the Women's Huddle and Maharg wasn't World Leader In Charge Of Global Domination.  And most importantly, I hope they remember to say 50 Hail Marshawns before bed each night. 



"Artists Rendition of August 6th, 2008."

Another update on Cal football camp.

BERKELEY - Day two of the University of California preseason football camp featured a two-hour practice in helmets only on Tuesday afternoon at Memorial Stadium. The session included individual drills, seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 action, as well as special teams preparation. The Golden Bear defense was impressive throughout, but the offense came on strong in the second half and had its share of highlights as well.

"[In these early practices], we're hoping to get the kinks out, get a jump-start on offense, defense and special teams as far as terminology and schemes," Cal head coach Jeff Tedford said. "We can get the young guys acclimated and evaluated because they're getting some reps right now.

"[To evaluate during these practices], we focus on mental assignments, people making plays on balls, being in the right spot, taking the right steps. You don't worry so much about the physical part of the game because it's all different with pads. Mainly it's mental. It's assignments, it's plays on balls, it's getting the snap count down, things like that."

Article on our world class rugby team.



BERKELEY - With a busy slate featuring domestic club champions, national team representation and international acclaim, the summer of 2008 stands as a testament to the legacy of quality and commitment, at home and abroad, by current and former members of the rugby program at the University of California.


BERKELEY, Calif. - California junior goalkeeper Gina Pellegrini will be honored as UNICO's Dr. DM Nigro Italian American Amateur Athlete of the Year Thursday, Aug. 7, at a ceremony at the Renaissance Parc55 Hotel in San Francisco.

Pellegrini started 18 games for the Golden Bears in 2007 and posted a 0.95 goals-against average in over 1,500 minutes in the net. The Santa Rosa, Calif., native registered five shutouts as a sophomore, giving her nine for her career. She also recorded two assists for Cal last season, including on the game-winning goal against No. 1 Santa Clara and against Stanford in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Pellegrini was named a 2007 honorable mention Pac-10 All-Academic selection.

Cal men's swimming kicks butt!

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. - The University of California men's swimming program had two athletes - Sean Mahoney and former sprint standout William Copeland - make the finals in their respective events during the last two days of the U.S. Open, held July 29 through August 2 at the at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center in Minneapolis, Minn. On Friday, August 1, Mahoney, who will be a junior for the Bears this upcoming collegiate season, placed sixth in the finals of the 100-meter (long course) breaststroke with a time of 1:02.10. On Saturday, August 2, during the finals of the 50-meter (long course) freestyle, Copeland, who recently completed his eligibility with the Golden Bears, placed seventh with a mark of 22.77.


BDP article trying to explain why the City Council should have to reveal who did and did not vote for the appeal.  We've moved on people, why can't you?

Okanes has a few minor notes:

–One thing I noticed entering the stadium yesterday is the school had removed all those giant billboards of different players on the outside. I was told they will be replaced with updated ones before the season starts.

–Former Cal quarterback Steve Levy dropped by practice Monday and we chatted a little bit about his younger brother, Eric, who is walking on to Cal this season as a guard. Eric Levy started his career at Maryland but transferred to City College of San Francisco, and then tore an ACL and sat out last season. Eric has two years of eligibility left.

Ok.  Good start here.  Drop some hot links on us, people.  Starting in about 2 hours.  When it's the future.  Wow.  August 6, 2008.  I just can't imagine what it'll be like.  GO BEARS!


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